My Favourite Spots in Sheffield- Hometown Hunt!

I recently discovered that EventBrite are hosting a blogger link-up called Hometown Hunt so I just had to get invovled and share some of my favourite spots in Sheffield! Eventbrite can help you manage your own event with their event management & sales pages!

I love Sheffield. I’ve only lived here for three years, since moving in 2012 for university, but I feel like I’ve lived here forever. I love Sheffeld because it’s a mish-mash of old and new, in terms of both architecture, and shops. There are new buildings popping up every year, and they stand alongside the relics from Sheffield’s past in a beautiful juxtapositioning. Another reason I love Sheffield is that there’s always something happening; whether it’s festivals (like the upcoming Doc/Fest) food markets, Pride celebrations, there’s always something to do. Sheffield is such a cultural city, due to the many cinemas, art galleries, and theatres in the city centre (and surrounding area) and I love the fact that I can take a shortcut through an art gallery to get into town. During my time in Sheff, I’ve come across several places I’ve absolutely fallen in love with, both due to the events that are held there, the place itself and the people.

1.) Showroom Cinema


A converted art deco car showroom, the Showroom is an absolutely fantastic cinema based in the city centre, a mere 2 minute walk from the train station, and 5 minutes from the bus station. The Showroom are a 4-screen cinema and they show a combination of blockbusters, indie films, classics, theatre performances and have a top notch bar & café! My only wish is that I could get out to Showroom more, as they have such a fantastic range of films on throughout the day, I’d be able to find something to please both myself and the most picky friend!

2.) The Harley

Not jazzed up

The Harley, up on Glossop Road is an awesome hotel/bar up near the University of Sheffield. It has some downright delicious food (the best fries I’ve ever had in my life) great drinks and has a lovely atmosphere. The Harley has gone on my list because I went to an awesome, awesome gig there with my Dad several years ago. The band we saw were really friendly and chatted to us, and didn’t mind getting their picture taken with us. The Harley have several gigs on throughout the year, as well as a few DJ nights.

3.) Bungalows & Bears


B & B is my favourite Sheff bar/restaurant! Their food is absolutely sublime and they have a great selection of drinks & cocktails, as well as quite a few non-alcoholic ones. There’s gigs, DJ nights, quizzes, vintage fairs and all sorts throughout the year, and they’re well worth a look if that’s your scene. Otherwise, go for the amazing food, and thank me later.

What are some of your favourite spots? Are you a Sheff native? Where would you recommend?



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