9 Happy Things

9 Happy Things!

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After taking some inspiration from Jemma of Dorkface blog and some Gala Darling posts, I’m going to start a new feature on my blog to go up on Sundays, about nine happy things I’ve enjoyed throughout the week!

1.) Getting endless amounts of free coffee at my new job

I'm not this good- yet!
I’m not this good- yet!

I started my new job this week! Or at least, started the trial period! I now work at a local cinema in my town, and my first shift was at the cafe/bar, making hot drinks for the most part. I learnt how to use a fancy coffee machine as a barista and that meant lots of trial runs! To my amazingly patient coworkers and to everyone who I served; I’m sorry you had to put up with my noobishness, and you’re all amazing. Added bonus: my work uniform is black, which is all kinds of perfect.

2.) Getting my dissertation/script back


After several weeks of assorted stress and worry, I finally got my script back! I scored a very reasonable 58 (which is what I was gunning for!) and managed to scrape the same on my Contemporary British Cinema essay too. Phew!

3.) I just discovered that the 1966 Batman film is on Netflix

giphy (2)

Ahh you guys, this film was my childhood! I had on video cassette and the cover was bright neon pink. The film is ridiculous and amazing and I totally plan on watching it at some point.

4.) Afternoon tea with friends and family


After finally escaping my nightmare landlord/estate agent in Sheffield, I’ve come back to Gainsborough with the Boyfriend-Wonder to unwind, recover and prepare to start the househunt and then move all over again. The best thing about being in Gainsborough for a while is that I’m getting the chance to see friends and family with no time limit, and I don’t have to feel bad about spending more time in one place than another- I always have more time! So far I’m seeing my Dad tomorrow, then Lawrence at some point later this week when I’ve finished work in Sheffield, same with my Grandma, probably Aaron, and hopefully Dani too!

4.) Flowers and nature

Beautiful Weston Park!
Beautiful Weston Park!

Okay, so I sound like a hippy starchild but hey- it’s kinda hard not to notice that all the flowers are blooming and the trees are green! When I was walking through Sheffield on Thursday to pick up my dissertation I saw some beautiful Irises which were just begging to be instagrammed. So I did! Also, the rubber plants that my Dad gave me last year are positively blooming and I plan on repotting them soon. They’ve really shot up!

5.) Lush Honey Trap lip balm


A little pricy at almost £6 a pot, this stuff is magical! I love love love the smell and taste of it, which is a mixture of white chocolate, vanilla and honey. It’s nearly always a mainstay in my handbag! An honourable mention is also Lush’s charity pot which smells AMAZING.

6) Playing video games with the Boyfriend-Wonder


We have the Xbox One and my little TV set up in the bedroom, so most of our lazy days are spent playing games or endlessly scrolling through Netflix (he just doesn’t want to watch Sharknado for some reason) A current favourite is  Destiny, which is like Halo and Defiance‘s lovechild. The funniest thing is watching him drive the array of vehicles- he’s really not the best!

7.) Books!

I picked these babies up from Tesco last weekend!
I picked these babies up from Tesco last weekend!

Ahh books. One of my first loves. I discovered that owning a lot of books is kinda tough if you’re moving house- I have a storage unit in Sheffield which has several boxes full of my comics, graphic novels and books. I was meant to be packing all my stuff away and not buying books, but I saw those two in Tesco and I’ve been wanting It’s Not Me, It’s You for the longest time, and I picked up the Terry Pratchett book because it was on the deal. I’ve also finished The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey and started Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, which I’m loving. If you have any other book recommendations let me know in the comments, or check out my Amazon wishlist for other book fancies!

8.) Funny animal gifs


I’m not sorry at all .

9) Preparing to see Amanda Palmer with Gina next week!


Gina and I are seeing the inimitable Amanda Palmer in Leeds next month and staying in a fancy hotel! I am so so so excited, and I just know Gina is too. I’ve been keeping our tickets safely tucked away in Sex Criminals volume one, and have been shopping for a bikini so my babe and I can chill poolside in the hotel <3

What are your 9 happy things this week? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “9 Happy Things!

  1. Oh my gods Amanda Palmer is awesome! I got to see her for her book signing in November in Austin. She is incredible! Have fun.

    I keep hearing good things about Lush. I am going to have to give it a try at some point.


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