Month Adventures

May Adventures!

It’s been a good month! I handed in my final assignments and passed, so I am officially graduating from Sheffield Hallam on 20th November with a BA (Hons) in film and screenwriting! All the stress and anxiety and terrible sleeping and eating habits paid out in the end, and thankfully, I never have to face it again.

May has been a strange month. I’ve either been working my buns off on my work or Relaxing. With a capital R. There has been much vidya games, blogging and guzzling fruit smoothie. I’ve been on a real health kick this month, and have not been able to stop eating fruit and drinking water. I like to think it’s my first step into becoming an actual adult!

At the start of the month, my internship sent me to another film screening day! Thankfully, this one was in town at my local arthouse cinema, so there was no long travelling times! I had a really great time and the talks were fascinating. There was a person over from the Danish Film Institute who talked about the film and school practices in Denmark, and specifically children’s films. Children’s films in Denmark are a lot different than the UK & America; they don’t patronise the audiences, and offer a realistic vision as to what kids are like- kids swear, fall in love and often deal with adult themes and practices. The audiences aren’t hidden away from this, but are shown it. It seems that the whole ‘political correctness’ thing, at least in regards to children and protecting them from the world (insert Helen Lovejoy meme here) isn’t quite as overarching as it is over here, and allows children to face mature themes. As well as the fascinating keynote I went to, I also saw a bunch of films! I saw Moomins on the Riviera (a childhood classic!) several episodes of The Big Knights and the much anticipated (at least by me) Song of the Sea. I can’t say anything about these due to an NDA, but children’s cinema is gonna be fab this year.

When I handed in my last assignment on May 7th, which was a particularly rainy afternoon, I stopped by Lush, intending to buy a bath bomb to treat myself that night. Instead, I ended up staying in the shop for over an hour getting a gorgeous vintage style make over, which was the best way to celebrate my new found academic freedom. It was a really relaxing and fun process, and I took lots of pictures and noted down all the products so I could redo it later. I really, really loved how it turned out, and I definitely plan on buying up all the products eventually (roll on payday!) and continuing my Cruelty Free Chronicles.

2015-05-08 15.56.37

My uni friends (Eleanor, Toni, Becky and Amy) and I decided to celebrate our graduation by hitting up the Graduation Ball held by my university! We all got dressed up super fancy and descended upon one of the hotels in my city for a night of debauchery! We had a slap-up 3-course meal, free wine (which I pawned off to Amy & Toni) a professional photographer (prepare for the photos!) and a DJ, who opened with Uptown Funk because of course. We had an awesome night even if we retreated to the hotel bar away from the music so we could chat about films and work and boring postgrad stuff.

Onto the many pictures!

I dressed fancy! Wearing a dress from Voodoo Vixen via Blue Banana, Golden Snitch necklace from Black Candy Alternative Fashion, cardigan from New Look forever ago.
L-R: Eleanor, Me, Toni
Amy & Becky
L-R: Becky, Amy, Me, Toni, Eleanor. I was channeling my inner Dame Edna for this one!
Toni and Me. “You’ve got a moustache…” “I know.”
L-R: Amy, Eleanor, Becky, Toni, Me.

All professional photos courtesy of Jason Goodlad Photography! It was such a fantastic night and I’m so glad we also went out. Also, after 3 years of knowing each other, my uni friends and I finally have pictures of us all together. Huzzah!

This month, my cousin got married! The Boyfriend-Wonder and I were invited, so we spent the day at Doddington Hall, eating fancy food and enjoying the sunshine. My cousin looked absolutely gorgeous, and the ceremony was superb. I only got a few pictures (can’t believe I forgot my decent camera! Gah) but I managed to grab a few from elsewhere around the web:

2015-05-23 15.36.08

2015-05-23 15.40.55

So beautiful!

I finally broke free of my awful house and even more awful landlord and estate agent. The Boyfriend-Wonder’s parents came round and helped us clean up and move stuff to storage. 3/4s of my belongings are now in storage, including the majority of my books, sniff sniff. The Boyfriend-Wonder and I are now back in our hometown, and come back to Sheffield a few times a week for job interviews and work. We’re looking for our new home now, and it’s… Going. Not good, not bad. But going. When I return this weekend after hanging out with Gina, we’re gonna jump back on. Wish us luck!

In exciting news, I got a job! I had my first shift at my new job last week! I now work in my local artshouse cinema, which is awesome. It feels like a natural progression for a film student.

How has your month been going?


6 thoughts on “May Adventures!

  1. Congratulations on your graduation and new adventures! I wish nothing but the best for your and the BF-W! I have slowed to a crawl on my writing, however I still pop off a blog post every now and then. I need to buckle down and get re-disciplined on working on my manuscripts. The novels don’t write themselves!

  2. Congrats on graduating! You girls look really nice all dressed up. And also congrats on the new job. That is exciting and I am glad that you are enjoying it!



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