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Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Characters I’d Like to See In Their Own Series


Lookit the snazzy new logo! Isn’t it fab? I totally love the summery colours. This week’s (or rather last week’s prompt) is from the lovely Jaym (@JaymFace on Twitter) and is pretty fab- which characters from Tv/film/comics/games etc would you want to see in their own series?

1.) Phonogram


I’ve long been a proponent of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s Phonogram comic series and I would absolutely LOVE to see it in-the-flesh as an awesome urban fantasy TV show. Imagine the cinematography for magic and dancing! Imagine the awesome soundtrack! A close contender for this is another Gillen-McKelvie property, the Wicked and the Divine, which is being made into a TV show! I’m gonna catch up with the comic when I get chance then (im) patiently wait for news. Lucifer died for our sins, you know.

2.) Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time


I’d absolutely love a Peebers-centric comic miniseries… Ideally written by Kate Leth! There’s so much of Ooo to explore and I’d love to see other character’s adventures. Peebers doing Mad Science! Peebers doing archaeology and having an Indiana Jones-esque moment with a boulder! Prubs can be capable of so much more than just being the ruler of the Candy Kingdom.

3.) Sex Criminals 

It was super hard (that's what she said!) to find an image from this comic that wasn't overly NSFW.
It was super hard (that’s what she said!) to find an image from this comic that wasn’t overly NSFW.

Alright, I’m cheating majorly with this one as it IS becoming a TV show, but goddamn- it’s gonna be awesome. I only hope they keep the intricacies of the relationships in the show, and don’t be too exploitative. I hope it’ll be funny, cute and realistic, just the way the comic is. Also, I freaking pray that Chip Zdarsky’s hilarious in-jokes will be kept in.

4.) Portal, pre-Chell


I’d absolutely love the play through the Portal games before GlaDOS takes over and goes crazy. I’d love the play through as Aperture starts taking a shift into the morally grey and ambiguous, and see the fall of the head honcho himself- Cave Johnson. Playing through a lowly employee who discovers the secrets of the company would be super fun!

5.) Scott Pilgrim vs the World from the POV of Ramona


I LOVE Scott Pilgrim vs the World. The film, the comic book… All of it. I totally adore it. However, I’d love to see the story (and before) from Ramona’s perspective. You’re told that she’s in a crappy relationship with Gideon Graves prior to coming to Canada, but you never really experience it. You know nothing about her, and I’d love to find out more. Ramona’s character is real, flawed and pretty honest and I think her story would make for a really interesting prequel.

What characters would you like to see in their own series?

Thanks go to Megan of The Nerdy Girlie and Kristen of SuperSpaceChick for putting the challenge together, and to Jaym for this prompt!


4 thoughts on “Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Characters I’d Like to See In Their Own Series

  1. Give Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion Lannister his own Spin-off series. THAT would be entertainment! He’s smart, quick-witted and the ultimate underdog in a world of political intrigue. I’d like Bron to be there too, though to provide him some muscle. The two of them made the perfect duo during their on-screen time together.


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