9 Happy Things

9 Happy Things

Screenshot 2015-05-31 16.11.35

9 Happy Things! Actually on a Sunday! Miracles do happen… Here’s things from this week that have been making me smile.

1) Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Hardcore mode

Thankfully this hasn’t happened to me yet! In short, hardcore mode means that if your character dies, they’re dead for good. No revives, no ‘press y for revive’, just full on deadsies. You get that lovely screen up there and then it’s back to the start. I have been absolutely loving the challenge of hardcore! I’m used to playing hardest difficulty on my lvl 70 Monk in Monkey King garb and coasting it for the most part. In hardcore, I’m playing a Demon Hunter (completely new territory!) and having a ball! The greater risk makes for the greater reward, after all.

2) this gif

This is how I feel when it’s really hot.

3) Cats in general

2015-07-10 13.36.35
My cat Jackson relaxing in the flower bed

As I have been doing for the last few weeks, I visited my Dad and saw our cats, who promptly made me giggle. Jackson was sleeping in flower beds, and Chet was collapsing just about anywhere. As a big, black fluffy cat he doesn’t do well in this heat!

4) Chanrio avatar maker


Isn’t this the cutest? The Chanrio avatar generator (warning: you will need your browser’s translator on for this site!) is an avatar maker from Sanrio (Hello Kitty, Keroppi, My Melody… but you knew that already!) and I just had to make avatars of me and the Boyfriend-Wonder. They didn’t have my hair colour, but I’d like to try a grey/silver one day! If you make avatars, let me know! I’d love to see them.

5) Cateaclysmic’s Etsy store

Clickthrough for shop!

Fellow blogger Cateaclysmic makes some hella cute nerdy jewellery and accessories. Like, HELLA. CUTE. She makes scarves (many of which are Game of Thrones inspired) and tons of bracelets- the chocolate chip cookie and pink rose ones are my favourite! Check out her shop and blog and tell her I sent you!

6) Song of the Sea is finally out in the UK

This film is finally, finally out and I can tell everyone how good it is! Yay! I saw this back at the start of May thanks to my internship and have been smitten ever since. It totally killed me not being able to tell people about it. It’s honestly one of the best non-Disney, non-Japanese animated films I have ever seen, with a really unique style and colour palettes.  I really recommend everyone sees it and lets me know what they think! Check out the trailer here.

7) Cheeky Boo’s mermaid necklace

Confession: I LOVE mermaids. Absolutely adore them. Cheeky Boo Emporium (who I won this awesome banner from) have an awesome selection in their online shop and I am deeply deeply in love with necklace. They just got their summer collection in, and I am a huge fan of the I Heart the Internet pin (fitting for a blogger, no?) and the Diplo-Cupidocus badge. So cute!

8) Tuxford Windmill


Grand adventures! Kind of. It was the Boyfriend-Wonder’s Gran’s birthday this weekend, so to celebrate, his family took us all out to the tearoom at at Tuxford Windmill and it was gorgeous! There was a ton of options, a friendly dog (!) and lavender everywhere. I ordered cream tea and it was delicious! the wait was a bit long, but hey- it was super busy.

9) All lavender everything

2015-07-12 13.35.22

Little planters like this were everywhere at Tuxford, and reminded me of my love for lavender. You can use it for and with everything! It helps you sleep, makes your clothes smell lovely, you can put it in food, drinks… All sorts! When The Boyfriend-Wonder and I have moved into our new place (wherever that may be) I plan on cultivating some.

What’s been making you happy?


12 thoughts on “9 Happy Things

  1. That cat gif is so great! And I love Cateaclysmic’s cookie bracelet as well! Lavender is so wonderful…I have a lavender oatmeal bath soak and it is so relaxing!

  2. I am so excited for Song of The Sea. I haven’t even seen Book of Kels yet, but a folk story about Seals? Sign me up. Also, thank you for introducing me to Chanrio maker. I know exactly how I’m spending the next 3 hours! lol

    1. I can honestly say it’s just as charming and beautiful as it sounds. I love all the folklore in it too, as well as the animation style. Haha, no problem! I lost a few hours to it myself…

  3. That gif, I could just keep watching it! BLOP lol

    The avatar generator was adorbz. I made a cute little avatar, but I wasn’t sure how to save it. :(

    I really need to buy some lavender for the yard. Though our roses are doing rather smashing.

    Also, Oh my gods! Selkies!!! I have to see The Song of The Sea!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. I know right?! Mega cute! It’s pretty tricky- it took me a few attempts to work it out myself, and now I can’t remember how I did it x.x Lucky you! I had roses before, but I could never make them thrive, just cling on to life, haha. It’s such a good film! If you’re into folklore & Celtic mythology you’ll love it <3

  4. I’m not OG enough yet for hardcore. I feel like I don’t want to try until I max out Anselma, Paragon Levels included.

    Song of the Sea looks really cute and unique! I love Pixar and all, but I’m still a sucker for 2D animation.

    1. Haha I don’t blame you! I only recently started playing HC myself, because I was so worried about the challenge. I didn’t want to get all the way to level 69 and die before I got the achievement x.x thankfully, it’s not been like that! The trick is to pace yourself and be super careful, I’ve found.
      It’s great! So so beautiful.

  5. Aww I want that Cheekyboo Internet brooch too!!! <3
    Also that movie looks SO SO good, right up my street! I wonder if I can find it online… hmmm :)
    Jemma xx


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