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Versatile Blogger Award

While I was away at my Grandma’s with a questionable internet connection, I got tagged by the very lovely Jenna of Princess Parasox blog for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks Jenna :D Jenna’s blog is full of feminism, beauty tips and adventured. Jenna has a really strong, distinct voice and I love reading her posts. Go check her out!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Include a link to their blog
  3. Tell the person who nominated you 7 facts about you
  4. Select 15 blogs / bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly.

Here are my facts!

1) I met my best friend Gina after we bonded over a terrible tutor at college

Gina and I first met when we both took the same class at college. I was returning after not getting into university the first time I applied, and Gina had been looking for a college better than their sixth form. The class we took was Communications and Culture, which at first, sounded really good. We learned about types of communication, and our fairly old, totally backwards tutor tried to teach us about other cultures and subcultures. Suffice to say, it was a disaster. Our tutor had no idea about any modern subcultures, and operated on old-fashioned views of existing subcultures (all goths are depressed? Please, pull the other one) and as Gina and I both the outcasts of our class, we were pretty mad. Sadly, due to personal issues, Gina dropped out, but we kept really close. In the years since taking that godforsaken class (which I got an A in and did the whole A-level in 1 year!) Gina and I have become closer than ever, and regularly go on adventures and they’re soon joining me in Sheffield, where they’re starting university at my old stomping ground. I love you, gurl!

2) When I met my other best friend, Lawrence, we HATED each other

Lawrence and I first met way back in the hellhole of hormones, high-pressure and heresy which is secondary school. We were in the same English class in Year 7, and we hated at each other. We’d share barbs, spread rumours, and generally give each other shit whenever we passed each other. Then, one day, in Year 8, our school was doing one of those charity 3-legged races, and we got put together. Long story short, we bro-ed out. Hard. A shared love of video games and general silliness meant we got on like a house on fire. We’ve fallen out a few times, but always made up. Lawrence is my boo and one of the funniest people I know.

3) I have had some terrible, terrible jobs

I’ve always been of the mindframe that so long as I’m getting paid, a job can’t be too bad, right? I have proven myself wrong quite a few times! My worst job ever was oddly enough, my first; I worked in the back of a fish and chip shop. My uniform was a baggy polo shirt, burgundy baseball cap, tracky bottoms, the most waterproof trainers I could find, and a burgundy fleece in case it cold. In short, I looked ridiculous. The worst thing about that job was having to hoick fish around. Do you know how gross raw fish feels? It’s horrible. Another bad thing is that I could never get the smell of lard out of my hair. It was an awful, underpaid job and it sounds odd, but I’m always glad I had it; I know what the very worst is, so I can avoid it forever!

4) I used to play guitar

I took lessons for about two years, but I was never any good! You know how some people’s brains are just really good with numbers, or languages or music? My brain was not one of those. I couldn’t make sense of sheet music, couldn’t do chord changes and just couldn’t keep it up. The one song I could half play was This is Not a Test by She & Him.

5) Half of my family live in Scotland

My family has a very distinct regional split. My Dad’s side live almost entirely in Lincolnshire and Lancashire; while my mother’s side live entirely in Scotland- mostly Inverness and Perth. Because Scotland is so far away (8+ hours on a train) I don’t see them as often as I’d like, but we keep in contact via emails. On my Scottish side, I can trace my lineage way back to the Battle of Culloden (think Outlander!)

6) I’ve been to France 3 times… With school

Ah, France. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear France? Moustaches? The Eiffel Tower? The Tour De France? Sadly, I had none of that. My secondary school offered a 3 day coach trip to France via Luxembourg and Brussels for pretty cheap, so after sorting some legal stuff, I paid up and was all excited to go. However, because I was taking both History & French GCSEs and was generally a big nerd, I was a prime candidate to ‘represent the school’ and all that stuff. We travelled to Calais, and drove to various historical sites, many graveyards and the like to honour fallen soldiers of WW1 & WW2. There were quite a few soldiers from my hometown which died during the wars, so we were there to honour them, as well as lay wreaths and the like. It was a nice trip (and not bad for the price!) but I wish it had been longer- and that it hadn’t been so long on a coach.

7) I’ve seen Sir Patrick Stewart perform The Tempest in London

More secondary school adventures! In Year 9, when we were studying The Tempest, my fab, crazy English teacher arranged a trip for us to go down to London (a big deal for us Lincolnshire kids!) and watch The Tempest, after a wander around the Capital, buying souvenirs (I bought my Dad a World Cup keyring, he was quite happy with it) taking photos of everything, we went to the theatre and watched the show. We had terrible seats, but what did it matter? Sir Patrick Stewart in the flesh! I grew up watching Star Trek, so I already the ultmate respect for the man that was Captain of the starship Enterprise, but still. It was incredible.

That’s my facts!

I’m gonna be lazy here and tag whoever wants to do it! If you take part in this award, please let me know and link me up!



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