#Blaugust · 9 Happy Things

#Blaugust Day Two: 9 Happy Things

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Actually being posted on a Sunday! At a reasonable time! Miracles do happen…

1) Making plans

L-R: Charlotte, Cassy, Gina, me

In this last week, I’ve made plans to go and see my bestie in the next city over and have a mini-meet with the Lincoln Lolis! On Tuesday, Gina and I going to see Inside Out, and the next day we’re going out to test a new waffle joint that’s opened in Lincoln. As well as hanging out with my Loli friends, I bumped into my best friend from college/ex-boss, Becka the other day, and we arranged to meet up for coffee and a catch up at some point. I’m really excited to hang out with everyone!

2) This gif

This pug 1000000% does not care.

3) Peaky Blinders 

I’m not usually one for period dramas, but dang. Peaky Blinders has hooked me and I’m only 3 episodes in. Set shortly after World War 1, Peaky Blinders follows the named gang of Birmingham’s exploits as they try to readjust to a changed world, and Tommy (Cillian Murphy) has to adapt to being back home and not in the trenches, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s danger, drama and subterfuge, and some beautifully shot and scored scenes. S1 is on British Netflix, and it’s a damn good watch! Also, Cillian Murphy is oddly fetching in a flat cap… Even if it has razor blades sewn into it.

4) American Horror Story: Freak Show

It’s no big secret that I LOVE AHS, and despite S3’s incredible disappointment (The name of episode one sums up the entire season: Bitchcraft) I decided to hold on, and jumped into S4… And ended up marathoning six episodes of it with the Boyfriend-Wonder yesterday. Whoops, so much for making it last! I’m really enjoying this season so far, and I think it has a ton of really good subtext, some great performances and an engaging story. I love the creepy, animated intro and I think it really stands apart from the rest of the series and other shows. However, the one problem I have with this entire season is Jessica Lange’s awful German accent. It’s so bad and borders on cringeworthy.

5) These glittery purple earrings from Peppermint Puff

If there’s one thing you all probably know about me, it’s that I like the colour purple, and I like glitter and sparkly things. These awesome earrings handmade in Kent are the perfect example of this! Peppermint Puff was recently shared on my Twitter timeline and I fell totally in love with all of her stuff. It’s cute, glittery, and totally spoopy. I am currently eyeing up the lavender unicorn bag charm and this cute little pixel love-heart ring. Check out her stuff on Etsy!

6) Starting #Blaugust


Yeah, blogging challenges! This one is ran by Bel over on Aggronaut (rules here!) and there’s a ton of people taking part with a whole range of posts and a pretty big community. I’ve already written about my intentions to complete this challenge, but damn- it feels good to be taking on a challenge like this!

7) Mail call!

Secret Mask, a vegan-friendly cruelty-free company reached out to me a few weeks ago and offered to let me test some of their products, and they finally arrived on Friday! There’ll be a review coming next week (giving me chance to test them properly!) but I’ll tease you with this: the rose fragrance on the Rose Secret Mask is incredible.

8) American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I’m doing my yearly reread, and totally loving it! American Gods has been one of my favourite books for quite a few years now, and I always make a point of rereading it every summer. I love the story and all the characters, and it’s incredibly well-written. I’d recommend it to any fantasy fan who wants something a bit meatier and modern in their books.

9) Progress

Inching ever forward, a day at a time.

What’s been making you happy this week?


14 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Two: 9 Happy Things

  1. I really need to re-read American Gods at some point! I’ve only read it once, and loved it. I need to do a year of re-reads soon! Glad to hear AHS Freak Show is better than Coven. I really just didn’t enjoy Coven. I tried to, but it really just wasn’t that good.

  2. Though I’ve never watched it myself, Peaky Blinders kinda looks like BBC’s take on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, obviously across the pond and a different gang – still roughly the same time period. Seems interesting, maybe I’ll have to check it out.



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