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#Blaugust Day Three: My 5 Jawdropping Moments in Video Games


Here we are at day 3 of #Blaugust (rules are here) and you can take a look at what everyone else is posting in our little Nook community.

I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember, and I’ve played a lot of games over a lot of consoles. Some have been good, and some have been very very bad. There’s been moments where I’ve cringed (either through embarrassment or fear) and moments where I’ve sat in front of my TV, controller in one hand and mouth gape as something crazy has happened, and then there’s been moments where I’ve just been ‘meh’ and carried on. The following are 5 holy-crap, blow-my mind moments, and may contain some spoilers!

1) Doing Icecrown Citadel for the first time… Even though it wasn’t current content

I came to the WoW party pretty late, jumping in on the last expansion when I finally had a laptop that could run it (and after much bugging by my ex-housemates and Boyfriend Wonder) and while the experience of a whole new world and the atmosphere on Draenor release were pretty amazing, nothing could have prepared me for Icecrown Citadel. Once I hit level 100, the Boyfriend-Wonder started taking me on Invincible runs through ICC, and I was in complete awe every time. Obviously, it wasn’t current or even challenging content, but I still got the sense that something epic happened. Fighting Sindragosa, firing the cannons on the airship and all the story that went along with it blew my mind. Then, after a few quick lore lessons (and a lot of nostalgia from the Boyfriend-Wonder, who played ICC on release), we got to the Lich King himself, and that cinematic after he dies… Wow. I couldn’t believe it. The entire journey from start to finish was just incredible, and I can only imagine what it would have been like playing it as current content.

Honourable mention: Grommash Hellscream yelling, “We will never be slaves… But we will be conquerors!” in the opening cinematic for Warlords of Draenor because it gives me nerd chills. Every. Single. Time.

2) Imperius vs Diablo in Diablo 3: Act 4

First time I played Diablo 3, it was as a party game. My ex-housemate’s brother had to come to visit, and we were in need of a game we could all play at the same time, wouldn’t cut the screen up and wasn’t an FPS. We settled on Diablo, and it took me a while to get into it. But then I started playing it on my own. I played through the story, taking time to enjoy it, and would regularly do loot runs with my housemate and Boyfriend-Wonder (this was before Adventure Mode came to console!) and over a year later, I play the holy hell out of it! I’ve 100% completed it, 70% done on challenges, and testing out different classes. In short, I love it! The first time I watched the cinematic at the start of Act 4, I was completely in awe. An epic battle for the High Heavens, featuring 2 of the biggest hitters in Diablo lore squaring off against each other… Wow. I absolutely love this cinematic, and like the entry above it, I get nerd chills watching it. Also, RIP Leah.

Honourable mention: The first time a dead Treasure Goblin dropped a portal to the Greed Realm and I flipped out.

3) Seeing Liberty Prime for the first time in Fallout 3


As many of you know, I LOVE Fallout 3 & New Vegas. Fallout 3 was the first game in forever that I would play every single night, often sacrificing sleep for, and got completely invested in it. I was very much on the side of the Brotherhood of Steel and took great, great delight in murdering any and all enclave members I would find on my journey through the Capital Wasteland. When I finally got started on the Broken Steel quest line, I was mega hyped! Bring on the big battle! Then, there were rumblings of Liberty Prime, and when I saw it, I was amazed! It was like all the mecha-animes I had ever watched come to life in the apocalyptic future. I’m just sad you couldn’t pilot it.

Honourable mention:  That time I had to lose 10 hours worth of progress on New Vegas because I’d done a quest at the wrong time. Jaw-dropping, but not in the good way.

4) Finding the Rat-Man’s secret rooms on Portal 2

Spooky video game easter eggs are awesome. The Rat-Man’s secret rooms terrified me! A while ago, my bestie Gina and I co-oped up and played through Portal 2. There were moments of annoyance, Eureka! moments, and then creepy moments like finding the Rat-Man’s room. Gina is very well-versed in Portal lore, and they described the whole story to me and the origins of Rat-Man. I was hugely creeped out, but hugely impressed with the work that went into a) finding the damn place and b) hiding the damn place.

Honourable mention: Either Potato GlaDOS, or Wheatley losing his marbles. Damn.

5) The opening cinematic for the original Resident Evil 1 on PlayStation 1

It’s so, so bad. Hilariously bad. I mean, when I was a kid, it still scared me, but the acting, the delivery of dialogue? It’s so laughably bad. I kinda wish they hadn’t remade it on the GameCube remake.

Honourable mention: Finding the Keeper’s Diary on the REmake, because it was the scariest I have ever and will ever read.

What are your jawdropping moments in video games? Let me know in the comments!


28 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Three: My 5 Jawdropping Moments in Video Games

  1. ICC still gives me goosebumps whenever I head there. I just have so many amazing (and frustrating!) memories of that place from when it was current, and then doing the achievement runs once it was outdated, that it would probably have to be my all-time favourite raid instance.

      1. Promising a visit to “Uncle Arthas” is the most successful strategy I have when it comes to luring my bestie back into the game :P

  2. I feel strongly about Naxx from Vanilla because it was so rare that people were there at the time I felt really in awe and it was kind of awesome feeling being in a place that was sort of “untouched” I wish we managed to clear the whole place, but in the end we didn’t have time. But was nice to see it again when it reappeared in WotLK.

  3. Awwwweeee I LOVE this post idea! I might do one of my own! A handful of my favorite video game moments are from the Saints Row series. Like the final mission in Saints Row III, where you have to choose between saving Shaundi and Viola or catching Killbane, since you don’t have enough time to do both before this giant statue thing in the middle explodes.

  4. There was a scene in one of the Demon Souls / Dark Souls games where my husband’s character was just strolling along, and out of NOWHERE a fireball jumped out from the left and burned him up. I wasn’t even playing, I was just watching, and I swear I physically jumped and screamed. I had so much respect for those games after that. You can scare someone who’s not even playing?! Good on you.


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