#Blaugust Day Four: Prairie Pizzazz Box Review*

Some time ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Prairie Charms and asked if I wanted to join their blogging team and get a subscription box to check out and review. I jumped at the chance! After some issues with USPS and the Royal Mail, my box finally arrived the other day.

First, let me just say WOW. The box was absolutely packed to the gills with lovely stuff, and its obvious that Prairie paid attention to the information I gave them about myself. Everything that was in the box I absolutely adored! It was all festival themed (perfect for the summer!) and was all super cute and summery. The box itself was pretty big and was well packaged. Layers of luscious confetti and sequins protected the more delicate items and kept everything secure during postage.

In my box,  I got:

  • Popcorn
  • Postcard print
  • Pendant
  • Floral garland
  • Hair wrap
  • Bracelets
  • Faux leather bow
  • Paper straws (!)
  • knot ties
  • Nail art
  • post it notes
  • paper bags
  • butterfly hair clip

2015-07-01 12.43.15

It was all packaged beautifully, with tissue paper and purple confetti protecting all the goodies. Each item was individually wrapped in little plastic bags or on card. The box it came in was pretty sturdy and survived its transatlantic trip!

Some of my favourite items are the big leather bow, the fabric no-kink hairties and the tassel necklace. Everything in the box matches all the information I gave to the team about what I liked, and everything was purple and perfect.

One of my only issues with this box is that for things like the nail patterns/wraps there’s no instructions for how to use them. Obviously it’s not hard to google it, but it’s a bit annoying. Aside from that, the postcard print wasn’t 100% clear on what was what, so there was a bit of guesswork involved as I worked out what was what.

All in all, I was very, very happy with this subscription box! I think it’s a fab idea and works really well as both a gift and a treat ti yourself. The postage was very quick, and all the products were made high-quality. The shipping box itself was very secure and wrapped and decorated with the utmost care and attention. I have found myself using or planning to use almost everything in the box in some way, whether it’s giving outfits a little extra dazzle or organising a film date and making the popcorn up that was in the box.

Prairie Charms has a ton of other products for sale on their site and they are downright beautiful. They combine beauty and care with incredible customer service. Some of my favourite products from the site are the Katsya Costume hair band, Rana Blue glitter bow, Rachelle flower crown (Wow!) and the Olivia Washi tape because moustaches. The next box will be Luau themed (how exciting!) and will be shipping at some point through August. You can contact them on Twitter for any enquiries, and they recently announced a new Kawaii box for $12 which can only be ordered through Twitter. Get clicking!

(This post is part of #Blaugust, a blogging challenge set up by Bel at Aggronaut. Check out other members posts on the Nook community)


5 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Four: Prairie Pizzazz Box Review*

  1. Cute! I went through a big phase of sub boxes to try out awhile back, but I’m on a break just for money saving purposes. I still get the Marvel Collector Corps one though, and my brother gifted me a Comic Bento subscription for my birthday so that’s been fun!

    1. They can get expensive as there are a lot of them out there! This was one was on the pricy end of things but really, really good and very personalised! xo


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