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#Blaugust Day Five: Five Cute Nerdy Date Ideas


This post is part of #Blaugust, a blogging challenge initiated by Bel over at Aggronaut (rules are here) to see what everyone else in the community is writing about, check out our Nook forum.

Nerdy dates can be really, really fun. There’s a little less stress than traditional dates (do they like what I’m wearing? Should I eat the garlic bread? Do I kiss them now or later?) and because they’re non-traditional, they’re a bit more fun for both parties! Nerdy dates are a great way to spend time with your beau or belle and also enjoy your favourite nerdy activity! What could be better than sharing your love of gaming (for example) with the person you’re dating?

  1. Have an in-game date
The Boyfriend-Wonder and I goofing around while waiting for a rare to spawn. Belfie selfie for the win.
The Boyfriend-Wonder and I goofing around while waiting for a rare to spawn. Belfie selfie for the win.

This one applies more for MMOs, although that’s not to say it wouldn’t work in other games! You and your partner log into your favourite MMO, mount up (oh behave!) and fly off somewhere nice to enjoy the scenery. Or, you could run dungeons or raids, and hope to get some sick gear. On one of mine and the Boyfriend-Wonder’s in game dates on WoW, we did the ICC run and he gave me Precious’s Ribbon when it dropped. What a babe!

2. Comic book blind date

If both you and your partner read comics, this could be a really fun, really great way to check out something new! You and your partner both go down to your local comic shop, and set a budget beforehand. When you arrive, you both split up and spend your budget buying comics you think they’ll like. It’s a really great way of showing that you know their interests and you might end up with some awesome new titles to read. Excelsior!

3. Go for a midnight picnic

Obviously, this one can only be done in the summer months, unless you wanna freeze! You or your partner load up the snack foods, a blanket and thermos of tea, and either go somewhere where the light pollution is low or you back garden and look at the stars. On a clear night, this could be a really darling idea! A non-summer equivalent of this could be making a picnic for inside, and watching shows like The Sky at Night or Stargazing Live.

4. DOUBLE DATE BONUS! Have a board game night with other couples

This can be a really fun and mostly inexpensive date idea and your friends can get involved too! Grab a bunch of board games (if you’re stuck for ideas, check out Nerd & Sundry’s TableTop video series) get some snacks, some drinks, and invite your favourite couples round for a night of fun! I would definitely recommend the Munchkin series, Dungeon Roll and Pandemic.

5) Movie date!

It’s a classic! You and your partner select a film (or some films) make or buy some popcorn, make a blanket fort on the sofa and bask in each other’s awesomeness. Smooches abound!


15 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Five: Five Cute Nerdy Date Ideas

  1. All great ideas. Your first idea I would describe as “pretty much every night.” A major advantage of being married to a fellow gamer. :-D


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