#Blaugust · Liebster Award

#Blaugust Day Six: Liebster Award!

bLAUGUSTThis post is part of the #Blaugust initiative set up by Bel over at Aggronaut. You can read the rules for the challenge here, and you can see the community’s posts on our Nook forum.

I got tagged by the lovely Mariah over at Bizarre Brunette for the Liebster Award! Thank you Mariah, you’re a doll. Her blog is centred around comic books, gaming and cats (a gal after my own heart!) and is a totally fab read. Go check her site out and tell her I sent you!

The rules of the Liebster Award are to thank the blogger who tagged you, tag a bunch of other blogs, answer the questions left by the previous blogger, and then leave some for the bloggers you’ve tagged.

I tag all of you #Blaugustians! If any of you are struggling for topics, feel free to take this award and answer the questions. I’ll make them interesting!

Here are Mariah’s questions!

  1. Coffee or tea?

Long-time readers of C&C know that I’m a huge tea lover! On an average day I can get through at least one every hour between the hours of 11 and 8.

2. If you could instantly solve one world issue, what would it be and why?

Oh man, this is a real toughie. A real, real toughie! I’d have to go with solving world hunger though. I’m lucky enough that I can go and raid the kitchen and it’ll likely be replenished the next day, but not every one has that option. It’s a crime that this hasn’t been solved, and the fact that some people in the UK are starving as well is awful.

3. Is there a particular blogger that inspires you?

There’s quite a few, but I especially look up to Gala Darling, Kristen at Super Space Chick, Mia at xomiamoore, Travis at Travis the Grimm, and Betty Felon at Fashion Tips From Comic Strips. All of these bloggers post incredible articles that are always engaging and well written and they’re the type of bloggers I look up to.

4. Books you have gotten lost in?

Oh many. Many many many. Most recently it’d probably be my American Gods reread and Mhairi MacFarlane’s It’s Not Me It’s You. They’re both really engaging in their own way and total page turners.

5. What is the biggest challenge you face when blogging?

There are 2 things I always face up to, and they’re motivation and worry. Motivation is mainly a problem because there are some days I just feel lazy, or I have ideas and say I’ll do things, but they don’t. I also worry that my audience don’t want to read what I’ve written and think I’m a dummy.

6. Do you have a signature style?

I like to think so. I hope that when people read my blog, they imagine me as a bright-eyed, purple-and-sparkles-loving gamer who’s also a massive nerd and that likes getting dolled up.

7. What do you hope people take away from you blog?

As a nerdy lifestyle blogger, this one is kinda tricky. I just hope that people read my blog and enjoy my recommendations and the things I have to say.

8. Most inspirational figure in your life?

Everyone I know is inspirational in some way. My best Gina because they combat anxiety every day to do exciting things. My Dad because he’s incredibly full of resolve and resourceful. My Grandma because she runs our family but is also kind and loving. The Boyfriend-Wonder because despite the rough year we’ve had, he’s still come out smiling.

9. The perfect day consists of?

A lay-in, to begin with! Then a sweet cup of tea and a delicious, healthy breakfast. After that, the Boyfriend-Wonder and I will go out for the day, most likely to the cinema and watch something dumb or nerdy. Then, we’ll go to one of our favourite pubs for lunch. After that, it’ll be shopping, where we buy snack food, clothes, house furnishings and new games, then go home, put our PJs on, order takeaway and play games or watch dumb TV.

10. One thing you hope your future self remembers.

How far I’ve come. Every time life has thrown a curve ball, I’ve worked around and adapted.

So #Blaugustians, here are your questions!

1.) Favourite console?

2.) If you could live in video game universe, what would it be and why?

3.) When you’re not gaming, what else do you do?

4.) What’s your perfect day?

5.) What was the first game you ever played?

6.) What was the weirdest game you ever played?

7.) Who’s your favourite bad guy (in anything- TV, film, games, comics etc) and why?

8.) Good or evil?

9.) What’s your most prized possession?

10.) Healer, tank or DPS?


4 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Six: Liebster Award!

  1. I am also a great lover of purple. And I hear you on the motivation and worry things. It’s just so easy to talk myself out of things or forget to do them in the first place. sigh.

  2. I share your blog concerns! I always worry people won’t care about what I’ve written, or that I come off as daft sounding. Glad I’m not alone on that front! But just so you know, I think you’re blog is quite well written, and I always enjoy your posts!


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