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#Blaugust Day Seven: My 3 Current Favourite Mobile Games


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Mobile gaming! One of the most addictive kinds of gaming out there. It’s so easy just to fall in a ‘one more game’ mentality with mobile gaming, and before you know it, it’s 2PM and you’re late for work. I love the simplicity of mobile gaming, and it’s often this aspect that makes them so addictive and so fun.

However, that’s not to say that all mobile games are created equal; one real flaw I find with them is that some of them are only playable with an internet connection. It’s ridiculous! The main reason I’m playing mobile games is to kill time while I’m travelling, OR because the internet is down! Do you see my problem? It’s an annoying thing, but I suppose sometimes it’s necessary, especially with games which feature in-app purchases (I’m looking at you, buy-to-win!) or shared leaderboards.

Rant over, here are my current three favourites!

1.) Tsum Tsum 

Originally a Japanese Import, this fun little game combines the puzzle antics of games like Candy Crush Saga with the cuteness of Disney. You match up 3 or more matching Disney Tsums and try get huge combos to get the biggest amount of points. During each game, you earn gold coins, the in-game currency which you can use to unlock new characters. The more characters you have, the more points you get in game, and each character has a different effect. This game is super popular among bloggers and lovers of Disney, and I know tons upon tons of people who play it. It’s really good for those ‘just one more game’ mentalities. My crowning glory is the one time I scored over 1,000,000 points, and was top of my leaderboard for a few days. This game is free on Android and iOS, but requires you to make a Line account and install it.

2.) Sailor V Dash

As many of you know, I’m a big Sailor Moon fan, and this game soon became a favourite! Based on the game that the Sailor Scouts play at Motoki’s arcade and get the Transformation Pens and 2-Way radios from, Sailor V Dash is your simple sidescroller. You start off playing as Sailor Venus (obviously!) and can unlock more characters on the way by using gems, the in-game currency, which you can also earn by watching adverts. In the sidescroller, you jump across platforms, kill monsters using your powers, and then face off against the Big Bad (picture above!) and you either have to spin a set amount of times or tap within a time limit. You have 3 lives and 3 hearts, and they count as your health throughout each run. My high score is 50,000+ but I think I’ve lost my touch at it recently. This game is definitely available on Android, but I’m unsure about iOS.

3) Adventure Time: Puzzle Quest

This is my newest game obsession! It’s one of those requires an internet connection to play, but is incredibly addictive. It’s like a combination of old school RPG and again, Candy Crush Saga as a puzzle aspect. However, this game is probably one of the most fun and creative on my list. The RPG aspect comes in through the battles, as well as a lot of out-of-battle stuff, but more on that later! The battles are fairly straight forward. You match up pieces in the puzzle board, and if you get a huge chain reaction, you deal more damage. When your character’s bar fills up, then you can use a special ability, which range from stuns to party buffs to clearing a column in your puzzle. It’s this double integration which I have found really enjoyable and a really fun way to play the game, although it can be hard to concentrate on both at the same time! When you’re not in battle, there’s a ton of stuff you can do, include crafting potions and trinkets, using items to buff up your characters or getting new characters, either by trading pickles for them (It’s Adventure Time, what else do you expect?!) trading an in-game currency, or buying with real money. A large amount of this game is micro-transactions, but they’re not necessary to be good at the game. This is available on Android and iOS and is free.

What mobile games are you playing at the minute?


14 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Seven: My 3 Current Favourite Mobile Games

  1. I just started playing Lifeline. It’s a text-based game where you have to help an astronaut who has been stranded on an unknown planet. It’s pretty cool so far and the writing and music are really good.


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