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#Blaugust Day Ten: Games On My Shame Pile


This post is part of the #Blaugust blog challenge put together by Bel at Aggronaut. You can read the rules here, and you can see what the community has been posting in our Nook forum.

I’m on 10 for 10 and feeling good! Today I decided to talk about games I haven’t played but really should. You know the type I mean- hailed as classics by video game nerds the world over, have won all the awards, have tons of thinkpieces written about them… I like to think that as I write this, you probably have a game in your mind.

Chances are, I won’t have played it. I’m very singular when it comes to gaming. I find something I like, and stick to it like super glue. On my old Xbox account, the only games I played were Resident Evil 5, Fallout 3, Silent Hill: Homecoming (which I never finished) and that was about it. I tend to stick with things  I know I’ll like as I hate the idea of spending money on something I won’t like, and so I prefer playing things I’m familiar with- hence why I have yearly replays of Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. In keeping this close-minded approach to gaming, I’ve cut myself off from a lot of good games, and I’m seriously regretting it…

  1. The Mass Effect series

As I write this, the Boyfriend-Wonder is scowling at me! Mass Effect is his all-time favourite game series AND one of the games that he is overwhelmingly good at (he was in the top 10% of online gamers back in the day!). I don’t have any good reason for skipping on this- almost everyone I know has played it and loved it (apart from THAT ending) and said that I’d like it. I planned on playing it last summer once I’d finished New Vegas, but real life got in the way- or rather, we got burgled. However, with news of the Xbox One’s backwards compatability, I definitely plan on playing these first chance I get!

2. The Halo series

Again, this is a series that everyone I know has played apart from me! Collectively, I’ve probably played about one game’s worth (a few chapters in Halo 2, half of Halo 4, a quarter of Halo 3…. I know, I know, it doesn’t really count!) with my bestie Gina, but I’ve never sat down and played the whole thing through from 1-4 via Reach & ODST. What I have played I know I’d love, and given that the Boyfriend-Wonder has the Master Chief Collection, I don’t have an excuse not to play!

3. Skyrim/Elder Scrolls

This one is especially strange as I used to listen to the OST for inspiration/background noise when I was doing my university work. Is there anything better than writing about film theory while Dragonborn is playing. Dovahkiin! Even stranger that I haven’t played Skyrim given I’m a huge fan of Bethesda’s other property- Fallout.

4. Any Legend of Zelda game

I’ve played Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on my DS, but let’s be honest- it doesn’t really count, right? Nothing compares to the classics. I’ve never had the console capable of playing the Zelda games until the other year, when my friend Aaron gave me his N64 for my birthday. However, I creeped myself out too much with The Haunted Cartridge creepy pasta to even consider playing Majora’s Mask

What games are on your shame pile? Which of these should I try first? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments section!


16 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Ten: Games On My Shame Pile

  1. I’m currently over here crying. :D Haha just kidding, but these are all some of my MOST favorite games! I really recommend playing through the Mass Effect series. You will have to cringe your way through the planet exploration vehicle in the first Mass Effect, but it’s worth it. As for Halo, those were a huge part of my life, but honestly the first is the best and they go downhill from there. Luckily, they offer couch co-op, my favorite way to play! Not too into their online multiplayer though. Zelda’s are my longtime love, but I do understand they don’t appeal to everyone. Definitely give some of the older ones a try if you get a chance though – Ocarina of Time is just brilliant.

    1. Oh no, I’m sorry! Haha I’m so narrowminded when it comes to games and stuff. A lot of people I know have such huge emotional attachments to these games and I feel like I’m missing out! Couch co-op, best kind of co-op <3

  2. I’d say Skyrim since you’re already familiar with the engine from Fallout. Hate to say it, but I also haven’t played any of the Halo series.

  3. The only thing on this list I have/will play is Mass Effect (and even then, only after they added Story Mode to ME3) and I’m okay with that. But seriously, play Mass Effect. Skip the first one if you need to.


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