#Blaugust Day Eleven: My Favourite Nerdy Fashion Shops


This post is part of the #Blaugust blog challenge put together by Bel at Aggronaut. You can read the rules here, and you can see what the community has been posting in our Nook forum.

Nerdy fashion can cover a HUGE range of things. It could be anything from tee shirts with nerdy stuff written on it, jewellery (my personal favourite!) shoes, bags… All sorts. In the last few years, nerdy fashion as a whole has been getting more and more popular, and more and more shops have opened up. As well as this, high street shops have been known to stock a lot more nerdy stuff too- this summer’s collection in Primark has seen a huge range Game of Thrones and Harry Potter gear, all at affordable prices.

Without further ado, here are some of my favourite shops to get nerdy goodies from…

  1. Insert Coin

While Insert Coin are definitely on the steeper end of the spectrum, their clothes and accessories are so well-made and long-lasting that you get what you pay for. They sell a HUGE range of video game inspired goodies, and it’s so much more than your bog-standard stuff- there’s no tees emblazoned with Nintendo and the like here! All of their lines take direct inspiration from video games, or, in the case of the jacket above, straight up reproduce items. If you’re familiar with Silent Hill 2, you’ll see the jacket is a repro for the one that James Sunderland wears throughout the game, and the tee has a nod to the use of radios in the game. I currently own a Dr Salvador inspired tee from the Resident Evil line, and it’s one the best tees I own. Not only is it a subtle nerdy reference, it’s also made of thick cotton which is perfect for winter. Some of my current favourite lines and items from Insert Coin are the Hello Kitty collab, this Pac-Man dress, and the Resident Evil collection. I can hear my bank account whimpering…

2. Living Dead

This Australian store are predominantly known for their outrageously bright and cheerful leggings, swimwear and skater dresses, as well as their AMAZING limited collections.  They sell a pretty big range of things, including a men’s collection, accessories and are releasing a pretty boss children’s collection very soon. I don’t any Living Dead stuff yet, but if I did, it would either be one of their Sailor Scout dresses, this Eerie Skater dress,  or this Constellation skirt.

3. Look Human

This shirt has been on my wishlist literally forever because I love it so much. One great thing about Look Human is the huge range of styles you can get your shirts in. You can pick the colour (the colour of the sleeves in the shirt above can be changed) the style and by extension, the material. Look Human also has an incredible range of items, and just searching ‘video games’ pulls up these incredible results. You could just about furnish your entire house using items from Look Human, and I just might have to… I’m definitely eyeing up this baller throw cushion.

4. Jinx

Oh Jinx. How do I love you? Let me count the ways… To begin with, they stock amazing World of Warcraft gear, as you can see in the promo above! They sell clothes, toys, accessories AND have game-themed lines. I have one of their World of Warcraft hoodies (Horde, obvs) and it is mega cosy! Their Blizzard lines in general are tip-top, and they offer Men’s and Ladies selections! They ship from America (or if you’re in the UK you can catch a seller at the big MCM cons) and their stuff is pretty reasonably priced. I’m currently coveting this vest top, these Cydea socks, and this Horde wallet would be the perfect gift for the Boyfriend-Wonder this Christmas.

Where do you like to shop for nerdy gear from?


10 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Eleven: My Favourite Nerdy Fashion Shops

  1. This post is so perfect! While I own a lot of geeky graphic tees, I’d like to expand a bit more so I’ll definitely check out these shops! I already love Look Human…splurged on some workout tanks earlier this year and I love them!


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