#Blaugust Day Fourteen: A Series of Firsts


This post is part of the #Blaugust blog challenge put together by Bel at Aggronaut. You can read the rules here, and you can see what the community has been posting in our Nook forum.

I got to thinking the other day. I’ve been gaming for pretty much as long as I can remember, so what were my first games? after much brainstorming, headscratching and a bit of Googling to try and find names, here’s what I discovered. These games set me up throughout my life and effected what I play and how I play them. An important thing to note before reading my list is that I didn’t have internet at home until I was 17.


First game on PlayStation OneFinal Fantasy 7 by way of chocobo racing at the Golden Saucer!

Before I got my own games and started gaming myself, I used to spend hours with my Dad playing Final Fantasy 7. More specifically, chocobo racing in the Golden Saucer, which totally amazed kid-me at the time. All the bright colours and crazy music totally lured me in and I loved it! My Dad usually let me do races when he was doing boring adult stuff (usually making meals and the like) and I loved doing it… Especially when he got the golden chocobo, which he definitely lists among his gaming achievements.

First game on Playstation Two: Tekken 4

We all know now that Tekken 4 was pretty bad. Weird, nonsensical plot lines accompanied with shoddy voice acting meant the game was pretty bad… However, as a kid who had grown up kicking most people’s butts at Tekken 3, I loved the new game. I loved the non-sidescroll version of Tekken Force, and the fact that my beloved characters were all still in one piece. When I got my PS2 for Christmas one year (thanks Dad!) my Dad had convinced my Grandma to buy this for me, and the rest, as they say, is history.


First game on Game Boy Colour: Wacky Races

Oh man, I’m getting nostalgia just looking through the pictures for this! Another birthday gift, my Dad got me the purple Game Boy Colour (kickstarting a life of purple accessories) and Wacky Races, because I loved the TV show. Wacky Races was your straightforward racing game. You played as any of the racers and unlocked more if you completed the hardest tournament, which then gave you a password so you wouldn’t lose your progress (I still remember it now- it’s BLDFMTZ) I think there was probably a 2P function using a link cable, but I never knew anyone with one to play.

Nintendo 64: Pokémon Stadium

How fab is that gif? I was never GREAT at that minigame, but it was always funny seeing Lickitung waddle around. When I was a kid, my friend Robin got his hands on an N64 (if only for the weekend) and we played the heck out of Pokémon Stadium! When I got an N64 for my birthday the other year, I was delighted to find that Pokémon Stadium was amongst the games I got!  I got it home, fired the console up then proceeded to get my ass kicked at every minigame by the Boyfriend-Wonder, who is apparently a pro at all of them. Grr!

Nintendo DS: The Sims 2

This game. This game was absolutely bonkers. Completely insane. It was one of the early DS releases, and as a Sims addict at the time, I asked for it along with a DS for my birthday in my early teens. I was very surprised when I fired the game up and didn’t find a sandbox game. Instead, I found a weird RPG which was super glitchy, super weird (in a fun, kooky way) and I couldn’t put it down! Your character arrived in Sims-mainstay Strangetown after your car broke down and then you suddenly owned a hotel that operated in real time. If a character checked in for 3 days, it was 3 real days where you had to cater to their every whim and generally deal with their nonsense. There was also a story mode, in a manner of speaking; there were guests would stay in the Penthouse and only leave once you’d completed all of their goals and progressions. One such character was Ava Kedavra, a bonkers goth lady who was the head of a cow cult, and had you construct a temple for her in the basement of the hotel. I could honestly talk about how fun and crazy this game was for hours on end, because despite its glitches, I still loved it.


Xbox 360: Resident Evil 5

As you’ve probably worked out by now, I’m a huge Resident Evil fan. By the time RE5 had come out, I had played almost the entire back catalogue and loved it. I loved the survival horror of the early games, and I loved the action and shenanigans that went down in Resident Evil 4. However, when RE5 came out… It was another story. Gone was single-player, as Capcom provided a partner, meaning you could finally face on zombies with a friend. I played RE5 a lot because for a long time, it was the only game I had. I had almost all the achievements, and collected all the collectibles, outfits, filters… You name it, I had it. I came back to this game last year when the Boyfriend-Wonder and I co-oped on a ton of games (including Aliens: Colonial Marines and Gears of War) and… Well. It didn’t stand up. The Boyfriend-Wonder couldn’t get on with it, and it paled to a lot of other games I’d played. Oh well.

Xbox One: Diablo 3

Is this really surprising? Diablo 3 on Xbox One was just an upgrade when the Boyfriend-Wonde got the Xbox One. Unsurprisingly, I have gone on to dominate it.


In browser: Adventure Quest

So much nostalgia! It took almost a day of googling and brainstorming before the Boyfriend-Wonder finally remembered what it was called. Before I had internet at home, I used to go to my local library to mess around on MySpace and play Adventure Quest. I don’t remember much of it other than that I played a Rogue. I have never gone back to playing a rogue on any game I’ve played since.

MMO: World of Warcraft


You guys knew this already.

What were your first games?


8 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Fourteen: A Series of Firsts

  1. God, I am totally ashamed to admit, but I ponied up the cash for the special armor (I forget the name they had for it, but at the time it was damn good armor and better than most you could find). I cringe to think about it. I’m also surprised that AQ still exists…!

  2. Oh my goodness, Pokemon Stadium! I used to spend hours playing that with my BFF when we were in gradeschool. So much fun! And FFVII, one of my all time video game loves.

  3. I think the first game I ever finished was Treasure Mountain on the PC. It’s an education game for kids 6 – 8, but I think I was 14. My first ever game was Space Invaders on a TI Pre-Computer.

      1. I think Barbie was the entry point to games for a lot of lady gamers. I’d love to see some statistics on that.

      2. I have no doubts, especially as there’s a Barbie themed game about every topic. If not Barbie, then Bratz or whatever the doll du jour is.


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