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#Blaugust Day Fifteen: Five Fandom Friday- Five Fictional Pets I’d Love to Adopt


This post is part of the #Blaugust blog challenge put together by Bel at Aggronaut. You can read the rules here, and you can see what the community has been posting in our Nook forum.

Five Fandom Friday is a blog link-up put together by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick and each week, we write things based around the prompts they give us. It’s a ton of fun and is great way to connect with other bloggers! The prompt I’m borrowing is all about fictional pets and which ones I’d adopt. For me, it was pretty easy…

1.) Puppycat

He’s so cute! He’s so surly! He’s… kind of a magical girl? The Luna to Bee’s Usagi, Puppycat is the megacute maybe-a-dog-or-a-cat from Natasha Allegri’s Bee & Puupycat series. He helps save Bee’s butt many times and has a VERY mysterious backstory, filled with love, betrayal, and magic. I’d probably spoil him rotten.

2. The Perky Pug from World of Warcraft 

I love pugs. I put up with PUGging. You can get this little cutie in World of Warcraft by dungeoning with up to 100 other players, but each dungeon is only 5-man, so it takes a while. Added bonus: you can get outfits for him and use him in pet battles…. Or just have him running around after you as you quest through Azeroth. I usually opted for the latter.

3. A Direwolf from Game of Thrones

Direwolves are essentially big, fluffy loyal wolves. This is why I love them. I love the relationship the Stark children have with their Direwolves (and it’s especially interesting in the books!) and the loyalty of them. Just look at how close Jon Snow and Ghost are. I like to think as well as being patient guard dogs they’d also be playful to some degree… Or at least put up with me constantly fluffing them.

4. Marie from Aristocats

I love the film The Aristocats. Partially for singing cats, partially for Disney nostalgia, but a lot for Marie! She’s cute, quite contrary and has some of the best lines and long-lived quotes in the film- “Ladies don’t start fights, but they do end them.”

5. Eevee from Pokémon

I love Eevee in whichever form its in, and it has always been my favourite pokémon, ever since Blue. I like having the option to evolve into a variety of different types, and I can only imagine how tricky it must be to get Sylveon in the new games. It must be said, Sylveon is definitely the cutest!

Which fictional pets would you adopt? Let me know in the comments!


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