#Blaugust · 9 Happy Things

#Blaugust Day Sixteen: 9 Happy Things


This post is part of the #Blaugust blog challenge put together by Bel at Aggronaut. You can read the rules here, and you can see what the community has been posting in our Nook forum.

Screenshot 2015-05-31 16.11.35

Last week was a bit poopy, but this week has been out of this world! Here are some of the things that have made me happy this week:

  1. This gif

Lazy cat is lazy.

2. More news about Legion, the new WoW expansion

So it’s not big secret that Legion is the new expansion for World of Warcraft. As a lapsed player, I’m actually pretty hyped! I got real bored of WoD after a while (let’s be real, the Garrison was just Farmville on steroids)but all the Q&As, the concept art and models for the new artefacts are super exciting. I really hope that WoW can reinvigorate itself with Legion, as it does need it.

3. The seaside!

Screenshot 2015-08-16 19.02.30

My best friend Lawrence took me to the beach yesterday! I stayed at his on Friday night, which we spent playing Resident Evil 4 and snacking and stayed up all night. We were up bright and early Saturday morning for beach adventures, and after an hour and a half drive, we arrived in Skegness! I used to holiday there all the time with my grandparents when I was a kid, and there was so much nostalgia! Lawrence and I went through all the arcades, walked along the beach (I picked up some seashells and looked out for mermaids. There were none) took some awesome photos (see mine & Lawrence‘s Instagrams) and generally had a lovely day out! I’m incredibly grateful to Lawrence for taking me out and I can’t wait for our next adventure!

4. Yorkshire Wildlife Park


My adventures this weekend have been pretty crazy! This morning, the Boyfriend Wonder and his family went out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which is a zoo populated by animals who were liberated from other zoos or places. It’s not a regular zoo, with animals in cages; it’s a place where ‘domesticated’ wild animals aren’t mistreated and have the chance to have a bit of freedom. I saw sleepy lions, sleepy tigers, playfighting polar bears and a lot more! It was a really fun day out, but sadly, it was quite warm, so by the afternoon most of the animals were snoozing in the heat. The wallabies and baboons were still a riot to watch.

5. We got a move-in date!

Sorry about the outrageous gif, but it just sums up how I feel right now! After 2 months of trying to find somewhere back in beloved Sheffield to live, the Boyfriend Wonder and I submitted our application and fees and  we got approved and given a move-in date. As of this Thursday the Boyfriend-Wonder and I will be back living in Sheffield and will have our own space again. We just have a few more forms to sign, and then Thursday is the Big Day! I’ll be without internet for a while, but at least I’ll have all my books back <3

6. Finding more cruelty free make-up brands and cosmetics

Ever since I started actively making the switch to cruelty-free brands, I’ve found myself hitting a fair few brick walls. A lot of the brands I used to love and use were NOT cruelty free. However, in this last week, I’ve discovered that top-notch make-up brand Soap & Glory are cruelty free and the brand I Love… which do incredible smelling bath products. I plan on trying out the lip gloss (if I can find a place that sells it) and some bath bubbles when I’m all moved.

7.  This beautiful planner from Ohh Deer 

I’ve seen a bunch of other bloggers showing off their beautiful new planners and dammit, I want one too! My battered old diary and abandoned bullet journal have been put aside in favour of coveting this beautiful journal. It’s only a 12-month diary for next year, but it’s so pretty! It comes with pockets, a pen slide and all sorts. I love it!


I’m very new to ASMR and I haven’t actually experienced the telltale tingles you get, but goddamn, it chills me right out. Watching the video above a few nights ago put me to sleep in less than 10 minutes. Put simply, ASMR is sounds that make you feel good! For me, I get tingles when I gently scrape my fingernails across textured surfaces, or when someone else touches and brushes my hair. It relaxes me, and chills me right out. If you have trouble sleeping, or are feeling stressed (I wish I’d known about this during assignment week!) it’s a really good method to let you unwind.

9. Drama Time with Preach

This is very much a gaming/WoW specific video, but oh my lord. Preach’s Drama Time video with Ghost are hilarious. People send in their weird adventures and interactions with people in MMORPGS (usually WoW) and he does dramatic readings of them. Part of what makes it funny is that Preach’s laugh is so damn contagious and the stories are just so wild. I was crying with laughter watching these videos this week, and I strongly recommend them to any other MMO fans. As well as Drama Time videos, Preach does some superb class guides and covers pretty much everything in the WoW universe.

What’s been making you happy this week?


8 thoughts on “#Blaugust Day Sixteen: 9 Happy Things

  1. My hubs actually really enjoys ASMR as well! He also loves the scalp rubbing/hair playing thing. I am the exact opposite haha – I find ASMR super creepy, and hate having my head played with! Crazy what different people find soothing. My current planner doesn’t run out until May of 2016, so I’ve got some time to suss around and find one…there are SO MANY great options! The one you shared is lovely!

  2. Rick’s been into ASMR for ever. He used to stream the audio from Bob Ross videos while working to stay chilled out. And I’m loving all the cat gifs. The wildlife park looked like a great time. I need to get out in nature more, I think.

    1. I hear that the audio from those is really good for ASMR, but I’m yet to try it. Haha thanks, I like to share the derpiness/cuteness when I see it. I often think the same thing, but it can be hard in the city.


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