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9 Happy Things

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Oh 9 Happy Things. I’ve missed posting you so much! I’ve always found these posts to be the best way for me to decompress at the end of the week and try to make something positive of it- even if it’s been a bad week. So, I’m happier than ever to bring them back with a vengeance. Here are some of the things that have been making me happy recently…

1.) Internet

Thanks for that BT…

I know, I know. It’s bad. Being without internet for so long was kinda weird, but it made me realise just how much time I waste endlessly scrolling through Facebook- which was far too much! With the time I spend on Facebook, I could do a day’s housework and probably write at least one blog. I just need to better organise myself! Anyway, internet is back, and everything in C+C HQ is back to normal. The Boyfriend-Wonder is sitting next to me playing Smite and talking nonsense, and I am able to see what my friends are doing on Instagram and read my favourite blogs. Life is good.

2.) October!


It’s October! It’s the month of Halloween! Yay! This year I plan on actually having some sweets to give out to the local kids, rather than ignoring them and then buying candy canes for myself like I did last year… Whoops! As you may already know, Danie, Steph and I have put together this awesome little blog/Instagram tag for everyone who enjoys the season as much as we do to get involved in. I’ve gotten off to a shaky start, but I’m really excited to try some of the make-up related ones and start using Instagram again. If you want to join in, please do! Just tag me, Danie and Steph either in your post or on Instagram and we’ll share it. Happy Halloween, friends!

3.) The new Chvrches album

I absolutely adored their first album and their new album is just as good! I am all about that Scottish electro-pop. Nothing gets me working and hyped the way Chvrches do! I really love this album and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

4.) This gorgeous planner from Paperchase

Don’t you just love stationery? I sure do! I’ve been itching for a proper planner after bullet journaling didn’t work out overly well for me, and when I was browsing the new collection in Paperchase the other day, I saw this babely creature and fell in love. It has segments for everything! Calendar, budget, meal plans… Everything! Using that in conjunction with the multi list book would equal perfect organisational skills for me. Roll on my birthday when I can justify buying it for myself…

5.) House

While the Boyfriend-Wonder and I have had no internet, we’ve been extremely limited in terms of what we can watch. As I’ve thinned out my DVD collection considerably since moving, the only series I really hung onto was S1-3 of House. I used to love House. In fact, I used to love medical dramas in general (but not Grey’s Anatomy. Never Grey’s Anatomy) and House was one of my favourites. I loved the crazy diagnoses, and the Sherlock-Holmes-sleuthing that went down… As well as Hugh Laurie’s frankly incredible performance. Rewatching part of S3 (or watching over the Boyfriend-Wonder’s shoulder while I play the Xbox) has partially brought back my love (or at least my appreciation) for it, and after discovering that Netflix has 8 seasons of it, we’ll have plenty to watch!

6.) Lush’s new seasonal collections

Screenshot 2015-10-04 15.31.17
Click to enlarge!

This is just a few of the Halloween products they’ve released, but cool are these?! As well as being spoopy as heck, they sound amazing! I would absolutely love to try Sparkly Pumpkin, and the pun ‘The witching shower’ makes me want to buy a lifetime supply of Heebie Jeebie Bat. I’m very jealous that Danie is going to a release night at Lush Nottingham in the upcoming future to check out these products, and I am eagerly awaiting her blog about it!

7.) Dragon Age Inquisition


OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, THIS GAME. THIS GAME. I have not been this hooked on a game since I first played Fallout 3 way back when. DAI just stomps all over it. Initially I got into because it’s what the Boyfriend-Wonder would play during the day and I just fell in love from there. To me, this game is a breath of fresh air. There’s no pointless shooting or explosions. Every decision is made by you and you have to agonise over these decisions and how they’ll affect your game world. You can actually become friends (and even lovers) with people on your team and your advisors, and it feels like all of your input into the game really effects it. While there is some degree of linear play to it, there’s so much that can be changed due to your decisions and I absolutely love that. Fallout New Vegas was fun and all, but at the end of the day, it was a power vacuum that got solved by a few well placed murders. In comparison, it doesn’t even stand up. I’d not played any of the Dragon Age games prior to this but it made me want to! Also there is nothing cooler than seeing a character who looks like you being badass and saving the world! In case you’re wondering, I sided with the templars, kept the Grey Wardens and romanced Cullen because Cullen is bae. I can’t believe I just wrote that, but here we are. He’s dreamy.

8.) My bestie Lawrence

Yesterday was October 3rd, and as always, my bestie Lawrence text me asking what day it was. He’s a keeper, that one.

9.) Some Like It Hot 

I watched this for the first time a few weeks ago on insistence from the Boyfriend-Wonder, and I love it! It’s the first film I’ve seen with the remarkable, irreplaceable Marilyn Monroe in and she was perfect. She just lit the screen up every time she came on, and her energy is unlike anything else. Aside from Marilyn Monroe, the film was hilarious! It was so, so funny and I can’t believe how long it took me to watch it. There are a lot of films which owe Some Like it Hot major lip service.

What have you been enjoying recently?


11 thoughts on “9 Happy Things

  1. Love your instagram idea. Going to have to look what you have put on your list. :) House is amazing. So sad that it has finished, think that Wilson and House’s friendship is one of my most favourite from a tv series ever. :)

  2. I’m not proud, but I always feel totally disconnected (pun not intended) when I’m without internet. Like I have no tether. And how amazing are those Lush items?! I think I need them all.

    1. That’s exactly how I’ve felt the last however long I’ve been without it. I use the internet for keeping up with current events, keeping up with my friends and chatting to people, so it’s weird to be without. The new Lush collections are so good!

  3. I can’t imagine not having internet for even a not so long period of time, which I know sounds terrible! But it’s just one of those things I use ALL THE TIME. Sometimes for time wasting, but often for productive things too!

  4. Omg that planner is gorgeous! I’ve been trying bullet journaling lately but I just can’t get into it. I find it too time consuming to set up the pages to start with and then I can’t find any appointments/dates – I think a planner is more the way to go for me! I’m hoping for some birthday money and I think I might treat myself to this!

    Some Like It Hot is an amazing film – it’s so funny. I love Marilyn Monroe and this has to be one of my favourite films of hers.


    1. I had that same problem with bullet journalling too. There was also a lot of days where I just didn’t do anything so it seemed redundant to me! I’ve gone back to my to-o list format and it works much better.
      Marilyn Monroe is great! I need to watch some more films with her in.

  5. It’s easy to get lost on Facebook or other social media platforms. I’ve also had to manage my social media time better, or before you know it, instead of watching a YouTube video about the thing you wanted to learn, you ended up seeing 10 funny, but pointless videos… XD Woops!


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