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This Material Christmas!

The amazing shop This Material Culture recently told me about a blogging competition they were holding for Christmas, and I absolutely had to get involved! To enter the competition, entrants have to write a post detailing which pieces from the shop they would buy for their nearest and dearest, and the winner wins all their choices! How ace is that?! I’ve been supporting and plugging TMC for quite a while on Twitter and I’m very, very grateful they asked me to enter their competition. Click on pictures for links to the item on the site.

My friend Holly

Holly is sweetness and light personified. The only person I know to send ‘I love you’ texts for no other reason than it’s nice to say, Holly is the loveliest person I have ever met. We met through our shared interest in Japanese Lolita Fashion when I had recently moved to Sheffield, and she made me feel so very welcome in the comm and the city. Holly LOVES glitter, cute things and bows. Holly’s bow collection is totally out of this world, and I think this necklace would be the perfect addition. The necklace is small and delicate and could be worn in-Loli and out of Loli- the perfect accessory.

My friend Danie

Danie is one of my blogging buddies, and I adore her blog! Danie writes about cruelty-free beauty and alternative fashion, and she has the fiercest style out of anyone I know. Her blog is called Spiked Black Tee and so I think these spiked earrings would be perfect for her! They suit her blog and her style and I think they would be perfect for her.

My friend Lawrence

Lawrence is my best friend. We’ve been friends for about 10 years now, and we’ve seen each other through a lot: boyfriends, bad haircuts, college… The list goes on and on. Lawrence just gets me, and despite the fact we live in different towns, he always makes the effort to call and chat at least once a week. Lawrence has a huge love for things which fit in with the coastal aesthetic, and I think this maritime bangle would be the perfect finishing touch for some of his stylin’ outfits.

My friend Roo

Roo is the cutest. She’s the only person I know who doodles dinosaurs, and just last year, she sent me an amazing tee with a dinosaur drinking tea on it. I love it! Even though she now lives all the way in Wales, I’d love to send her the necklace to remind how lovely she is and as thanks for being so supportive.

A little something for me…

I just had to pick something for myself, too! I love the design and colours in this bracelet, and it’d be the perfect gift to myself for graduating this year!

What items from TMC are your favourite? Let them know by tweeting them on Twitter (@ThisMaterial)!



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