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March wishlist

Well hello March! Three days in and it feels like winter all over again thanks to the awful weather. I’m still trying to keep my head up regardless as we’re almost into Spring, which means sunshine, flowers and Easter! Here’s my wishlist of items to help me get through the month:


1.) Black star print umbrella I love this umbrella! It’s super cute and fits my aesthetic. I am in dire need of a new umbrella and definitely will be if this weather keeps up.

2.) Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Mat Lip in Whoa Pink You guys, Soap and Glory’s new make-up collection is hella rad. With swish new packaging, hilarious names and all cruelty free, the new collection is a dream come true. I’ve had one of these before and it was the greatest lip product I’ve ever used! This peachy pink tone is perfect for work or days when you want to look made up, but not overly so.

3.) I Like to Party and by Party I Mean Become a Herald of Divine Intervention baseball tee I LOVE long sleeved shirts, and this awesome Dragon Age shirt from Look Human is is super cool. Besides, if I don’t talk about Dragon Age once every hour I come out in hives…

4.) Just Girly Things cosmetics bag I’m a lambs hair away from a disaster in my handbag. I carry at least three pens minimum with me, several tubes of lipstick and other bits and bobs everywhere I go with no organisation method. I am asking for something awful to happen! ALBinwonderland’s awesome bag design would totally save my buns… and the lining of my bag.

5.) Duracell 3 Hour Mobile Phone Portable Charger I’ve had my phone for well over three years now, and you can tell. Its battery lasts only half as long as it used to, and when I leave the house, I use a ton of apps so it drains even faster! A portable charger like this would be great for events and travelling.

What are you must haves this month? Let me know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “March wishlist

  1. Hey I had a quick question about the lipstick. Does it last long? I’ve had matte lipsticks that “disappear” once I have my morning coffee :/ Looking for some new ones that can last most of the day.

    1. I always found that it lasted quite a while, even with eating & drinking! The one I used to had could last from 9-3, no problem. Plus it was moisturising too!


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