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9 Happy Things

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Happy Sunday friends! Today is just lovely. The sun is shining, it’s warm, and people are looking happier already. I@m making the most of my weekend by relaxing and recovering from this last week- it’s been a doozy. Misfortune aside, here are some of the things I’ve been loving this week:

1.) Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda


Hamilton is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced… and experience is the right word for it. It’s a Broadway musical about the Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, set to rap/hip hop sounds. It is incredible. The full show is on Spotify if you’re interested, and you will not regret listening to it.  Also, keep an eye out for Daveed Diggs incredible rapping in Ships and Guns and George Washington on Your Side. The man can rap like nobody’s business.

2.) Electro Swing

Another musical entry! This one is the more unusual entry of the two, but I’ve been loving it all the same. Electro Swing is a combination of modern day club music and swing music from yesteryear, and surprisingly it works. It works SO well. Think Bazz Lurhman’s Great Gatsby soundtrack minus the melancholy. After all, it don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!

3.) Borderlands


One of many games on my shame list, I finally started playing Borderlands this week. I finished up my Secret Project and was able to start this! I didn’t have an *amazing* first experience of it, as I am not good at FPS’, and so I recruited the Boyfriend-Wonder to play coop with me, and now I can’t get enough. I play as Lilith and he plays as Mordecai. Together, we make a pretty badass team.

4.) This gif


I know, I know. Fat cats are hella unhealthy, but gifs like this always make me giggle.

5.) Tea


The Boyfriend-Wonder and tea have been my savior this week. I’m incredibly grateful for both.

6.) My Secret Project reveal


My Secret Project… ShopTo asked me to review Far Cry Primal for them for International Women’s Day! How rad is that? It was an amazing opportunity and I had a ton of fun doing it. It was mega different for me reviewing a game as opposed to comics, but I relished the chance.

7.) This adorable picture of Sasha and Malia Obama with Ryan Reynolds


Isn’t this adorable! Look at Sasha’s beaming face and Malia’s thumbs up in the background! This picture was taken at a White House State Dinner this past Thursday, which hosted the Canadian Prime Minister as well as other esteemed guests (like Ryan Reynolds, obvs) and photographer Pete Souza captured this moment. I’m not one for politics, but I’ve seen this picture shared all over recently and I love it so much.

8.) This rad Sailor Moon fanart


I am so here for Sailor Moon RPG.

9.) I’m on a community post! 

Screenshot 2016-03-13 14.21.05

The very lovely Ashley of Roboheartbeat asked me to contribute to a roundtable discussion of favourite video game voice actors and I happily obliged!





25 thoughts on “9 Happy Things

  1. I fucking LOVE Electro Swing!! Seriously no one I know has heard of it or enjoys it so I’m so happy to know someone else who does haha! I hope you’re loving Borderlands now – are you getting used to the FPS aspect? Those games are SO much fun. So awesome about the Far Cry review, and the community discussion post! Way to go Ari!!

    1. Yesss! I thought it was so weird and niche that no one else would know about it haha. I’m really enjoying Borderlands now I’m used to it. Thanks Kay :D <3

  2. Seems that even if your the presidents daughter you still have to let your fangirl out! I love that pic! I also love that electro swing track I can definitely see me teaching to something like this for my Zumba classes! Great post!

  3. Love playing co-op with the Fiance on Borderlands! Patiently awaiting the release of Battle Born in May by the same game creators!


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