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Currently… April Edition

I saw the prompt for this post over on My Open Sketchbook (You should definitely check out Kay’s blog if you get chance!) and I liked the idea, so I decided to give it a whirl for myself. The currently prompts come from these rad post-its!

Watching: Archer, for the umpteenth time! Archer (and other ‘adult’ animated shows) are my go-to for watching when I want background noise or want to chill out. In case you didn’t know, Archer is an animated show from creator Adam Reed, and is about Sterling Archer- a pretty shitty spy for the world’s shittiest spy agency! Think explosions, swearing, alcohol, and hilarity, and you’ve juuuuust about got it.  I’ve also been considering picking up Black Sails for some time now, as it looks RAD. Historical dramas have been superb lately, and I can’t go rotting my brain with all these cartoons!


Reading: I am currently rereading Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas! I wasn’t keen on it the first time I read it, but my second time around I am feeling it much more! I’m really digging Celaena’s badassery and the mystery that prowls through the Throne of Glass. I can’t wait to finish it and read the rest of the series! I also went to my local library and checked out their YA section and borrowed Cinder by Marissa Meyer, which I have been wanting to read FOREVER. Yay!

All fantasy/sci-fi books should have this. 


Listening: Hamilton. Can’t stop won’t stop.


Making: Nothing…. As of yet! The Boyfriend-Wonder and I recently got a slow-cooker from his parents and I’ve been itching to try out some new recipes. I also want to learn how to make coffee cake. It would satisfy two of my most common cravings: caffeine and sweet things! If you have any recipes, please send them over!


Feeling: Anxious. Unbelievably anxious. I’m currently between jobs, and trialing at a new place and I feel like there is SO much riding on me to succeed. I am in desperate need of a new job (zero-hour contracts are bunk, you guys) that will allow me to take on full-time hours so I can earn more money. Trialing at this new place is what has me so anxious; if I get the job, I can start making big changes at home and I will be able to solve a number of financial issues I’m currently facing. I feel like I’m in a huge car race, but I’m stuck stalling at the start. I just need some good news to get going and start racing ahead!

Please and thank you.

Planning: On surviving, mostly. And sleeping. Lots of sleeping.


Loving: Borderlands 2. Hamilton. The changing weather. Fruit salads. Naps. Red lipstick. The Boyfriend-Wonder having a cup of tea and warm PJs ready when I get home from my trial job. Speaking of, tea. The Neko Atsume update. Instagram. Easter eggs. Blogging. Reading. Taking long baths on days off. My next door neighbour’s adorable pooch.

How’s your month been going?



20 thoughts on “Currently… April Edition

  1. I love this prompt!

    I have heard awesome things about Archer, but I haven’t watched it yet. I just finished Daredevil season 2 on netflix and that was pretty good.

    I haven’t had anytime to game either.. :/ college life is super busy.

  2. AHh LOVE Archer! And thanks for the shoutout btw! I love posts like this, is that weird haha? :D Anywho, Archer is the best; that show never gets old. I want to give Throne of Glass a try sometime. I’ve heard so many people adore it, and I know a few people who don’t so now I’m just curious! I really liked Cinder, but so far the rest of the series hasn’t been as good as it was. I hope you like it if you give it a read! I hope everything with your job works out and that you get some stress relief soon!

    1. You’re welcome! I really like posts like this too. They’re a bit more personal and fun than reviews or announcements and lists and the like. They’re a nice change of pace! Throne of Glass is good! There are some bits that don’t sit right with me, but the good bits hugely outweigh them, if you know what I mean? Thank you!

  3. Everything will be okay. And I hear you about feeling in limbo. We just found out that I forgot to declare a bunch of income back in 2012 and there’s a huge adjustment with penalties and interest coming, meaning any plans we had for the year are on hold until a) we find out what we owe and b) manage to pay it all back. In happier news, we are also working on getting caught up on Archer and I’m also hesitating starting Black Sails but I sort of want to watch it with Rick, but his attention span with TV is very limited.

    1. Thank you <3 Gosh, that's rough. Taxes are such a confusing thing, I swear. I'm with Rick on that one. Something needs to capture me entirely otherwise I can only concentrate for so long, which is why I usually end up rewatching stuff, like Archer.


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