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Currently… May Edition

Prompts for this blog are from these rad post-it notes which I first saw over on My Open Sketchbook. Take a look and let me know if you join in!

Watching: I did it! I started Black Sails! I’ve been watching one episode a night before I go to sleep. I’m about halfway through S1 at the moment, and making pretty good progress. I absolutely love the show and I’m totally hooked (pun intended!) there are so many twists and turns and it’s super gripping. The characters are fantastic, although I’m a little wary of picking a favourite,as I’ve been burnt before (thank you, Game of Thrones).


Reading: I just finished Cinder by Marissa Meyer and I LOVED it! I absolutely loved the reimagining of Cinderella, and while I thought some of the reveals were SUPER obvious, it was still a fun ride. I’ll be popping to my local library later this week to pick up the next one, and in the meantime, I’m rereading Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs for the umpteenth time.


Listening: Hamilton. Still.


Making: I didn’t end up making a coffee cake (yet!) but now it’s getting warmer I might start experimenting with infused waters and smoothies. It’s hard to go wrong with a bunch of fruit thrown in a blender and refrigerated, right?


Feeling: A hell of a lot better than last month, that’s for sure! I’m feeling much more secure financially and it’s making all the difference. I got the job I was worried about last month (yay!) so now I can start working on paying off some debts and improving things at home.

Unrelated, I just thought this gif was cute! 

Planning: Nothing too exciting at the moment- some more blog stuff, a few story ideas, and what to do with my first pay cheque.

This is gonna be me on payday before I pay my bills. 

Loving: Dragon Age Inquisition. Getting free cake at work. Getting praise from every single one of my supervisors at my job despite only being there a month. Cloudy lemonade. Getting up in time for breakfast. Greek yoghurt. Seeing (and fussing!) dogs at work. The Boyfriend-Wonder always having a tea ready made when I get home. The warmer weather. Instagram! Tea, always. This article about Hamilton. Phone calls from my Dad advising me about broken down washing machines (Thanks Dad!). My new sunglasses.

What’s been making your month fun?


17 thoughts on “Currently… May Edition

  1. I gave Black Sails all the way till season 2 and then I had to call it. I think it didn’t capture me in the same manner. And don’t get me wrong I love stories about pirates but this one. I’m not even sure what happened I just don’t love it. :(

  2. I so want to start Vikings! I’ve heard so many good things, and I think it’ll be the show the hubs and I start together next after catching up on Orphan Black! I’m curious what you’ll think of Scarlet! I really enjoyed Cinder, but Scarlet fell flat for me. I hope you like it! Also, free cake at work – excellent! :D


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