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Must Haves For Your TV Binge

I am forever grateful for Netflix. And Amazon Instant. Catch-up services and streaming apps in general. I LOVE them, and, like any other nerd who likes staying in, I make use of them a lot.They help me unwind after work if I’ve had a rough day, or they can provide the backdrop for a romantic night in, or they can be used to just kill time. Streaming services have revolutionised the way we watch TV in the modern day, and I for one, welcome our new streaming overlords.



In short, I love TV, and I love marathoning TV. The first TV show I remember aggressively marathoning is Supernatural S1, shortly before S2 came out; my best friend and I watched the entire first season in a horror-packed weekend and LOVED it! Since then, I’ve been known to watch shows with similar gumption, working my way through entire seasons in a day. Go big or go home, right?

I love streaming shows and watching through services like Netflix as it allows me to watch it in my own time. I work at least five days a week and a lot of my other free time is taken up by video games, so having the option to watch things in my own time is such a relief.

When it comes to days off and planning epic TV binges with the Boyfriend-Wonder, I don’t go by small measures. Oh no. I plan a grand adventure, with optimal comfort, snacks and beverages to hand, and I make sure to make the most of my time! Without further ado, here are some of my must have items for the perfect TV binge:

1.) Amazon Fire Stick (Amazon, £29.99-£119.99)


The Amazon Fire Stick is the perfect place to start. Not only does it comes with Amazon Instant installed as standard, you can also download other apps (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, TED, all sorts!) and it comes with 8GB of storage for all the good stuff. The Fire Stick also comes with ASAP, a service which predicts what you’re watching and what you like, and automatically sets up playback so you never have to wait for it to buffer. Genius! I have the basic Fire Stick model, and its portability is one of the best things about it. All it needs is a HDMI cable (recommended) and the power supply and you’re ready to stream! Just make sure you have an Amazon Prime subscription so you can make the most of the Fire Stick and Amazon Instant.

2.) Many comfy blankets and pillows


I am one of those annoying people who never sit still. If I’m gaming or watching a film or just messing around on my laptop, I will be constantly. Fidgeting. With long legs and an occasional bum knee I can’t always get comfortable, and so I always end up jostling and annoying whoever I’m sat next to! When it comes to time to binge watch, comfort is of the utmost importance. So, this is where blankets and pillows come into play! Blanket/pillow fort? Why the heck not?! Here are some ideas! Wrapping yourself up in a blanket burrito? My personal favourite. Huge, soft blankets (here are a few faves) and big, plushy cushions are the way to go.

3.) A wi-fi kettle (£98.48- seriously!)


Okay, maybe, just maybe I’m being a bit self indulgent here- but I’m a Brit and a TOTAL TEA ADDICT. A tea-holic, if you will. I couldn’t go tea-total even if I chai’d. I’d be in hot water without my tea (I’d stop with the puns, but I’m having too much fun. They’re tea-riffic!) If you’re anything like me, you find yourself pausing to make hot drinks, or getting caught up in a never-ending “Well I made the last round!” argument with your fellow bingers, and that’s no fun. The drink-maker has to get up, fill the kettle, wait for it to boil…. It’s a first world problem to be sure, but you can bet there’s a first world solution: the wi-fi kettle. While it’s by no means a perfect invention (just take a look at the Amazon reviews!) it’s still a smart idea, granted to all us lazy plebs thanks to modern ingenuity.  You might just be better off with a rapid boil kettle.

4.) Snacks!


Perhaps the most important thing of all… Unfortunately, I’ve got no quirky help or solution for this one. A cute idea would be themed bento boxes, or investing in some fun subscription boxes. Graze is good for the health nuts out there, Japanese Candy is fun for the otakus, and there are bound to many, many more I don’t know. Scour the internet for yummies!

5.) An internet connection!


How else will you live-tweet? We wanna know your thoughts on THAT episode, but make sure you post spoiler warnings well in advance. An internet connection is hugely important if you’re streaming media, so make sure you have a good service provider who accounts for things like Netflix usage. You don’t want to be stuck buffering forEVER if you’re about to watch the season finale.

So there you have it! Some of my essentials for binging TV. What’s your favourite show to marathon? Drop me a comment and we can fangirl together, or recommend me something new!


10 thoughts on “Must Haves For Your TV Binge

  1. OMG I LOVE Netflix haha. It only became available in Spain last Winter so I’ve been watching all of the things. I recently binge watched Freaks and Geeks from my exercise bike (each episode is 42 mins, good workout) because if I get too comfy on the sofa I will never move haha. Sweet list, I like that kettle too! | geeky lifestyle blog

  2. Wi-Fi kettle?!?! And yeah, love me a good streaming binge. Sadly I can’t watch when Rick is playing games online with his friends as it interrupts his connection. Sad Panda.


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