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Going Out More Often*

Fear of Missing Out (or FOMO, for you acronymically-minded folks out there) is a Real Thing. I get it a LOT. It’s the worry that while you stay in and do something else, having already turned plans down, that your friends are out having an AMAZING time, and you’re missing out. It’s a pain in the butt, and for those of us with full time jobs, kids or other responsibilities, it’s a constant thing in our lives.

However, Eventbrite and I propose the opposite; let’s go out more often! Let’s make the most of the upcoming summer to make time to go out with our friends, families and partners and make new memories. No more FOMO. Instead, let’s GOMO. Go Out More Often! I am lucky enough to live in a wonderfully cultural and vibrant city where there are crazy events going down every other week so I really don’t have an excuse to miss out anymore. If you’d rather plan your own event, Eventbrite have a fantastic guide and software for beginners planning and ticketing events which is well worth a look. Plan on, friends!

1.) Doc/Fest


Every year, Sheffield hosts Doc/Fest, an internationally acclaimed documentary festival which attracts big names, big crowds and films that really make you think. I’m not usually one for documentaries, but no matter what small, specific thing you’re interested in, there’ll be a doc on it. I’ve seen World of Warcraft documentaries, docs on true crime, docs on the subtext behind teen films, docs on the English Language… That’s just a few! This year’s Doc/Fest runs from 10-15 June and I definitely plan on catching a few screenings.  I have a secret love and adoration for dance, so will likely be hitting up the free screening of A Ballerina’s Tale at Tudor Square. Doc/Fest have a plethora of films on this year, and I’d  like to check out Generation Revolution, League of Exotique Dancers and Sonita. You can get a full list of screenings here and more info about DocFest here.

2.) Yorkshire Cosplay Con


Convention time! Yay! It’s been almost two years since I got to a con, but this year is hopefully where things change. I’m involved in one of the events that’s going down at YCC, and while I can’t reveal it just yet, I can say I’m hella excited! I’m dragging the Boyfriend-Wonder along for his first con as well, and hoping we can get some rad goodies.

3.) Film and Comic Con Sheffield


Another con! I’m planning a mini-event based around this convention (more news I can’t announce just yet! Boo!) and even if that falls through, I’ll likely hang out with my local Lolita Comm and have a  great time!

4.) Sheffield Blogger’s Meet 


One month I’ll make it to you! One month…. This is a mini meet-up and networking event for bloggers and writers in the Sheffield area and is held monthly. I’m hoping to go to at least one event and make some new contacts and hopefully learn new things!

How do you plan on beating FOMO this summer? Will you be GOMO with me? Let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Going Out More Often*

  1. Aw, this is awesome! I definitely deal with FOMO too, but I promise to try to FOMO instead:P A blogger meetup sounds like so much fun!

  2. GOMO is a definite goal for this summer. Rick and I are feeling much better (physically and mentally) this year and I am determined to take advantage of the crazy amount of stuff happening in our city.


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