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10 Fave E3 Announcements

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It’s been just shy of two weeks since E3 closed its doors, but all the news, announcements and releases are still sinking in. It seems that a lot of the game companies went all out this year and we were faced with a deluge of new tech with a lot focused around virtual reality; new consoles; and of course, new games.

As a long time gamer, I have been positively shaking with excitement over some of these announcements. There has been so much good news, awesome releases and downright interesting games released from E3 this year that I just had to cover some of my favourites.

1.) Crash Bandicoot Remaster for Playstation 4

CRASH. BANDICOOT. REMASTER. Sony’s conference was by far one of the most show-stopping  of the year, purely due to the quantity of quality of titles announced. It’s nice to see them paying attention to some of the games of yesteryear, especially given how well loved they are. I thought the crowd were going to cheer the room down when the Crash announcement dropped! The Crash Bandicoot games were some of the first I ever played and after hearing this awesome news, I’m gonna have to invest in a PS4 this year!

2.) Mass Effect Andromeda trailer

Trailer is a strong word here, but hey- it’s something. Showing off improved graphics and the use of a new engine, this game looks freakin’ beautiful. The E3 trailer cut between in-game cinematics and interviews with devs and people from Bioware, and was a nice little behind-the-scenes bit about the love and passion Bioware have for gaming. I’m a little concerned by the lack of media we currently have for a game set to release early next year, but I’m hoping they’re saving the juicy details for N7 day later this year.

3.) For Honour

This game looks badass, you guys! The premise/plot isn’t hugely clear yet, but what does it matter? It looks like a ton of fun. Play as different warriors from different cultures and time periods and fight each other? YES. A Viking launching an assault on a samurai pagoda? This game has it! This game makes me think Dynasty Warriors with the hack-and-slash capabilities of Shadow of Mordor. In other words, I am SO here for it. Also, it looks like you can play as a badass lady knight so I am DEFINITELY interested.

4.) Sea of Thieves

A co-op game where you captain your own pirate ship to sail the seven seas, plunder booty and sing sea shanties? This is where Rare steps in with Sea of Thieves! Delivered in Rare’s telltale cartoon style, Sea of Thieves looks amazing. A four-player swashbuckling adventure where the aim is to destroy other people’s boats, or maroon your friends on islands… Whatever takes your fancy! It seems rare to find good co-op games that aren’t variations on shooting humans or aliens and so this looks like a welcome change to me. Also, mermaids.

5.) Tekken 7

It feels like forever since Tekken Tag Tournament 2 dropped back in 2011, and the fans of the popular fighting series have been begging for a new installment. It seems that Bandai Namco have finally blessed us with an announcement for Tekken 7 (hopefully due out later this year) AND are giving TTT2 away for free on Xbox Games with Gold. It’s always been fun seeing how Tekken has updated as technology and the way we game has changed and seeing the ways in which it’s adapted. Tekken 7 will be the series’ first step onto current gen, so I’m excited to see more dynamic stages and updated graphics.

6.) Skyrim remaster

Despite having never played either Skyrim or an entry in the Elder Scrolls series, I am looking forward to this a lot. Lush scenery, endless open world exploration, epic dragon fights… Skyrim has it all and we’ll be able to experience it for the first or fiftieth time in high resolution graphics on a next-gen console.  The remaster will also support modding (much like Fallout 4, although hopefully without such strict limitations) which will definitely add some more fun to the game.

7.) Xbox S and Xbox Scorpio

News of new consoles is always exciting, no? Microsoft really knocked it out of the park this year announcing not one but TWO new consoles set to release. While I am slightly dubious of the Xbox S’s “slimline” capabilities, but it seems like the Xbox S is prepared. The bulky power brick is now contained within the system itself, and the specs for this thing…. My word. We’re looking at 4K support for video and Blu-ray, a boost in processing power AND increased memory over the standard Xbox One. I am constantly finding myself rejigging and uninstalling games I have, so upgrading to the One S is going to be a dream.

8.) We Happy Few

I am just a sucker for anything creepy and eerie looking, and We Happy Few has it in spades. Initially a successful Kickstarter project, We Happy Few is seeing a big release on Xbox and PC later this year. It reminds me somewhat of Octodad in the way that you sneak around and ‘act normal’ but based on the information on the game’s Kickstarter page, it looks like there’s a positive bevvy of backstory to get involved with. What ho, old chap!

9.) Pokémon Sun & Moon

While Nintendo’s conference may have been rather narrow in scope and overly long, the Pokémon Sun & Moon announcements kept my attention. Ever since the reveal of the downright adorable starter Pokémon a few months ago, the world has been anxiously awaiting more news and boy, did Nintendo deliver. The full conference at E3 went through a variety of changes and advancements in the game, including a change onscreen when you’re near trainers and a very important addition to the pokédex that will tell you how many Pokémon are in an evolution chain AND how many you need. Fascinating! However, it’s not just in gameplay where they’ve excelled; Sun & Moon is bringing the opportunity to pick the skin tone of your trainer, showing the steps forward in diversity that Nintendo are making.

10.) Scalebound

This game was announced last year, but sadly nothing came of it… Until now! Scalebound looks like an epic open world adventure where you fight dragons. I’m not talking some Dragon Age type of battle either; this is an enormous dragon coming for you! The action-adventure side of this game looks super fun, and the combat looks like a riot. It definitely looks like the type of game that will be good for co-op, and I already have plans to play it with some friends come release! Like Dragon Age but in a  more modern setting and on a grander scale, this looks like a good game for all you action-RPGers out there.

Overall, I think Sony and Microsoft absolutely dominated E3 in their announcements and content. Sony dazzled on presentation and sheer amount of announcements, whereas I thought that Microsoft’s announcements in regards to tech and increased accessibility and functionality for gamers was fantastic. I love that Microsoft are adding a Looking For Group application to the Xbox and I really love how they’re cross-platforming with PC gaming, allowing for greater audiences to play together. Sony’s conference was just superb in every way, especially with Kojima announcing his new game. It was hella rad seeing such diversity among the presenters and games present, and while they still have a long way to go, this feels like progress. It looks like another year where I’ll be pouring out my cash and time into video games. Here’s to gaming!

What announcements got you aboard the hype train? What do you wish we’d seen more of? Did you cringe at the Razer presentation as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!


13 thoughts on “10 Fave E3 Announcements

  1. While I was not able to enjoy any the E3 content live, the energy generated by the announcements of God of War, Resident Evil 7, and Death Stranding is incredible. Sony killed it this year up front. I agree with you however in that Microsoft’s announcements were just as huge, if not bigger. The difference was theirs gained momentum and attention slowly as the implications of “play anywhere” settled in. I look forward to what this means for gamers on PC and XboxOne.

    1. I’m hoping that cross-platform means I can play with more friends more easily. The sheer energy at E3 this year was amazing, both online and at the event.

  2. I’m happy the new Zelda didn’t make it on your list. I was so disappointed when I watched the trailer they released for it.
    Cannot wait for Sun and Moon. I also missed the Crash Bandicoot… gonna have to get that.

  3. I am gonna die for ME: Andromeda. CAN’T. WAIT. Also, Pokemon Sun and Moon as well! My daughter, who is five, is just getting into playing Pokemon with me and these will be perfect to keep playing together on the DS!

  4. Cool to see For Honor and We Happy Few both made your list as I have friends working on both games (Montreal represent!) Personally I can’t wait for more Andromeda details. Give them to me!


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