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Books Read in June (Mini-Reviews)

Pictures of the four books I've read in June: Crown of Midnight and throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas, Warcraft: Durotan by Christie Golden and Zodiac Starforce by Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau.

Here’s a strange thing for you: now I’m in full time employment, I’m reading much more than I used to. Before I got my job, I’d read very rarely; either when I took a bath or whenever the internet was down. Because I now face a 45 minute commute to and from work each day as well as two breaks of fifteen minutes, I find myself reading to make the most of my time. I feel like I’ve re-lit the bookworm fire inside myself and I am loving it!

I’ve decided that as I’m reading so much, I’m gonna start doing monthly recaps on here to share my thoughts! You can keep up to date with what I’m reading on Instagram (I LIVE for good Bookstagram posts) or ask me on Twitter.

Here’s what I’ve been reading in June!

1.) Warcraft: Durotan by Christie Golden

durotan prequel novel


I’ve been reading snippets of Warcraft and World of Warcraft lore for a while now, and I picked up the ebook of Durotan on the Boyfriend-Wonder’s kindle shortly after catching the film and wanting to learn more about one of the heroes. Having read one of Golden’s tie-ins before, I really enjoy her writing style and this one is no different. I found it a little over-long, but she absolutely nails the sound and the voice of the Orcs perfectly.

2.)  Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas



This is my second time rereading this book, and I like it a lot more than I did the first time. The premise feels a bit Hunger Games-y in some places and it’s a little weak because of this. However, this *is* the first book in the series and it does a great job at laying down the framework and building the world of the story, as well as developing characters. The characters in ToG are so well written and fleshed out, and I absolutely LOVE the chemistry between main characters..

2.) Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas



I absolutely LOVED CoM. Absolutely adored it, even if it *did* rip my heart into a thousand tiny pieces by the end of it. The story and world development in ToG really pays off in the exploration and further growth of the world and characters, and the introduction of new characters and the furthering of kingdom politics had me on the edge of my seat! I actually finished CoM in just over four days and hate to wait an agonising week for the next entry in the series, which I am currently devouring.

4.) Zodiac Starforce by Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau

zodiac starforce volume 1 cover


It’s been so, SO long since I bought comic books of any kind, but coming back in on Zodiac Starforce was such a good choice. Heavily inspired by magical girl anime, Zodiac Starforce asks what if the whole saving-the-world thing had already been done? What do magical-powered schoolgirls do after that? What happens if what they killed tries to come back? I absolutely adored Ganucheau’s gorgeous, eye-popping artwork in this comic and Panetta’s writing was fantastic. I found Panetta really captured the feel of mahou-shoujou anime as well as capturing the realities of being a teen girl. Another huge, huge, plus: ZF is hella diverse. Hella. It’s superb being able to see a variety of different ethnicities and sexualities in comic books, especially in comics aimed at all ages. As for bonuses, ZF is bursting with them! In the back is sketch variants, minicomics, different character designs and more.  My only issue with ZF is that there were so many characters introduced, I found it hard to keep track of who was who on my first read.

That’s what I’ve been reading this past month! Have you read any of these books? What do you think to them? Tell me over on Twitter or in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Books Read in June (Mini-Reviews)

  1. Thanks for the reminder about Zodiac Starforce. Adding it to my list of stuff to grab at Mtl Comiccon this weekend!


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