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Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2016

ycc 2016

This post is a little late, but better late than never right? Two months ago I went to Yorkshire Cosplay Con in my fair city for the first time and had such an awesome time! I’ve been wanting to write about this event for some time, but I’ve been waiting for the proper pictures to share with you all.

Yorkshire Cosplay Con is a yearly convention in Sheffield which welcomes fans of anime, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy and more! YCC pride themselves on being 100% family friendly and have a wide range of activities, stalls and guests for con-goers to experience! This year’s con was held at Sheffield Arena over a weekend in June.

I hadn’t been to a convention in SO long. My last one was Nottingham Comic Con some 2 years before, and I’m glad I picked YCC to come back on! It was a really chill con that I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, I was only able to come on the Sunday (darn work getting in the way!) but I always find that Sundays are the best days for cons; they’re not overly busy, there’s no crazy queues AND you get chance to chat to people properly.

I thought the con itself was laid out pretty well, especially given its location. The Sheffield Arena, a hotspot for big concerts and events can be rather labyrinthine and hard to navigate, but YCC had signs and helpful members of staff EVERYWHERE on hand to help explain things and offer directions. The venue itself is SUPER easy to find as well. It’s on one of the main tramlines between town and Meadowhall and is on quite a few bus routes. I skipped out on awful Sunday public transport and got a taxi to the venue, which only cost me just under £10.

The stalls were laid out really well, with ample aisle space to cater for large costumes (a common problem at larger cons for sure) as well as plenty of space between stalls themselves, AND plenty of space for each individual stall. I spent some time at my friend Mica’s stall Wonder Box and we had ample room for our many, many bags and boxes. There was a great selection of stalls, including big names like Forbidden Planet, Cineworld, and Neo Magazine, as well as a lot of independent sellers and artists. There was also a HUGE Lego station and arcade in case you wanted to take a break and play some classics.

I have to say, YCC really stuck to their promise of being family-friendly, as I saw tons of cute families throughout my day and all the stalls were very welcoming. The Lego station saw lots of traffic from kids and parents alike, and it was really great to see a con so committed to be being family-friendly. That’s not to say others I’ve attended haven’t been, but there has been one occasion where I’ve seen *risque* artwork on display for everyone to see. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case here.

Onto the really fun part of YCC- I was a part of the Japanese Fashion catwalk show! My amazing, wonderful friend Holly arranged the whole thing along with incredible fashion designer Emily of ShinkuRose Designs. I had the BEST time being a fancy catwalk model (and generally looking hella cute) and taking oodles of selfies with the other gorgeous ladies I was modelling with.

Here’s the full video! I was wearing a pink dress and a blonde wig.

And here are some of my pictures!

I wish I’d taken a before and after picture of my outfits. I looked so different!

Have you ever been a catwalk model? What was the last convention you went to


8 thoughts on “Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2016

  1. You look great! I love when Cons are actually family friendly – one day I’ll have to bring my little guy to one :)

  2. Oh my gosh!! How fun! I love to attend family friendly cons. If I ever made it to the UK this would be awesome to attend! I love the photo of Cass and Leiliana at the end! You looked super duper cute on the cat walk!

    It is con season right now in Hawaii so I’ve attending 4 cons so far with two more to go. I’m working the little guy up to being more comfortable at the the cons. The last one we went to was Comic Con Honolulu and it was so fun! I got to meet Jennifer Hale! <3 Always my Commander Sheppard.


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