About Me

2016-01-18 15.53.21Hi everyone! I am Ari, the writer/nerd/mermaid behind ariellalphabet. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2012 and seen my blog through several different phases but have always returned to my love for all things nerdy. Ariellalphabet is the name I go by on all social networks (including Twitter & Instagram) and so I thought it would make sense to name my blog the same too!

In my spare time I play video games (and live tweet them!) write on here, and hang out with the Boyfriend Wonder, who is just as a big a nerd as me! I love storytelling and hold it dear to my heart- so much so that I have a degree in Film & Screenwriting from Sheffield Hallam University. Learning new things is very important to me, and I’m currently learning how to code in Python and HTML… As well as learning how to do the perfect cat-eye.

More about me

I am a level 23 customer service rep by day and legendary warrior and epic quester by night… at least in video games.

Current obsessions: Supernatural, red lipstick, Bioware, live tweeting video games, Hamilton, skater skirts, carnations, cats and Instagram.

My style: geek chic with added sparkles.

Couldn’t live without: Twinings tea, faux-fur lined leather jacket, Paragon insignia necklace, cupcakes, Spotify and video games.

How I stay sane: long baths, cartoons and cat videos.

If you would like to contact me about something or my blog or just want to fangirl over video games, email me: arianwen.carr@hotmail.co.uk


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